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Traits of End-Time Mystery Babylon

Babylon riding an Angry Beast

Note: this study is NOT intended to encourage or induce the use of violence against any person, corporation, agency, or nationality. It is purely an intellectual study in end-time prophecy.  

Thoughts to consider first:

I wish that all Americans would realize that American politics is world politics. - Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America

NATO was originally established "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down" - Lord Ismay, the first NATO Secretary General

It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. - George Carlin, from his "Life Is Worth Losing" stand-up routine (2005)

  • History is Prophecy (Isaiah 46:9-10; Ecclesiastes 1:9). Prophetic events, like History, often repeat themselves.
  • Ancient Babylon had a chief city by the name Babylon, but was ALSO an empire with MANY cities.
  • Ancient Babylon was NOT a religion, but it was deeply religious. Note: there will be no denial here that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and her Protesting spin-offs have massive influence within End-Time Babylon.
  • Ancient Babylon was NOT a system, but it certainly had systems of control to maintain its empire.
  • Ancient Babylon was a militaristic, political, and MASSIVE economic power. There is no reason to perceive End-Time Babylon any differently, but actually... all prophetic evidence seems to indicate she will be very similar in nature. See listed traits below.
  • If End-Time Babylon is hated by a revived Beast empire and rides/controls the people of the Beast (Revelation 17:3,7), then we may be able to deduce that the two are separate End-Time empires... one that the Creator will revive and use to destroy the other (Revelation 17:3, 16-17).
  • End-Time Babylon, is figuratively a 'daughter' (Jeremiah 50:12,42; 51:33; Isaiah 47:1; Zechariah 2:7), but is herself a 'mother' of prostitutes (Revelation 17:5).
  • Presumably, a whore does not enjoy being called a whore, nor would she necessarily want her children (e.g., citizens) to know she is a whore. Furthermore, her children would be greatly offended hearing their mother being called a whore by others... which may explain the emotional and mental resistance by some in perceiving who the Great Whore of Revelation is. 
  • The empire, identified as End-Time Babylon in this article, currently controls the region known once as Ancient Babylon (i.e., Iraq)... which is a significant reality 'seemingly' absent just two decades ago. Yet, the CIA's involvement in bringing Saddam Hussein's political party to power in the 1960s is evidence of Babylon's de facto "King-making" power (Revelation 17:18), a power Mystery Babylon has been wielding for quite a while.

Characteristics of 'End-Time' Mystery Babylon

Items in bold red are the most compelling indicators of the United States of America (USA) otherwise known as the Anglo-American Empire. Note: if we are not currently in the End-Times, it is likely that a Mystery Babylon of a different identity will arise instead.

  1. Called a whore/harlot (Revelation 17:1,5; 19:2).
  2. Once tender and delicate, but no longer so (Isaiah 47:1). Note: The USA has historically been one of the most ethical and giving nations in the world (although she was certainly not perfect, even in her youth).
  3. Fears יהוה, but serves idols at the same time(2 Kings 17:30-41). Note: Like in antiquity, modern Babylonians have a myriad of complex pagan traditions that are mixed with the Ways of יהוה. This is especially evident in mainstream Protestant and Catholic religious systems, although not exclusively so.
  4. Clothed in gorgeous apparel and precious stones (Revelation 17:4, 18:16).
  5. Whole earth is made drunk with her immorality and made mad by her harlotries (Jeremiah 51:7; Revelation 17:2-4; 19:2). Note: Hollywood, culture of immorality, economic hit-men, and corporate-government harlotries, economic hitmen. Subsidized / GMO food crops which have destroyed farmers and national food supplies around the world. Consider also the way many national leaders prostitute themselves to the fascist controls of the USA and literally gut their local resource economies (this is acutely evident in Africa). More recently, the US Federal Reserve is victimizing the world via monetary inflation, driving up food and other commodity prices.  
  6. She sits on many waters, ruling many peoples, nations, and tongues (Jeremiah 51:13; Revelation 17:1, 5).
  7. She sits on 7 mountains/continents [Greek: horos], not 7 hills (Revelation 17:9); Great military power (Habakkuk 1:6-11)Note: the USA has over 700 foreign military bases on almost every continent. Her power and economic influence certainly reaches every continent.
    US Dept of Defense - Military Base Structure Report (PDF) see page 8 in particular.
  8. She sits on a beast (Revelation 17:3). Note: We know this Beast hates the Whore of Babylon. Currently, the USA has many military bases located within Muslim nations who were formerly ruled by the Ottoman Empire. These peoples have grown to passionately despise the USA. They celebrated at the sight of the Twin Towers being destroyed by "Muslims". The Beast is reforming and eventually it will remove Babylon from the ride she has enjoyed.
  9. Has a great voice; influences many (Jeremiah 51:55).
  10. Reigns over the kings of the Earth (Revelation 17:18, Habakkuk 1:10). Note: How many Kings and governments have been propped up and/or removed by the various "aid" packages and secret agencies of the USA? For example, there is significant evidence that Mao was put into power in China by the CIA. The USA had massive influence in the installation of the governments of pre-1979 Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others. If Dr. Steve Pieczenik is to be believed, the USA has covertly induced regime change on numerous occasions with and without the use of military.  
    Official documents to note:
    U.S. Foreign Economic and Military Aid by Major Recipient Country: 2001 to 2008 (PDF) | US Foreign Aid: An Introductory Overview of Programs and Policy
  11. Hammer of the whole Earth; world policeman (Jeremiah 50:23). Note: Any need of elaboration? One would need to be in a coma since WWII not to be aware of who this 'hammer' is in practical terms. 
  12. Land abundant in treasure (Jeremiah 50:37, 51:13; Revelation 18:14,17). Note: From Alaska to the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Rocky Mountains to the grain fields of middle America, she is definitely abundant in resources and treasure. Not surprisingly, the USA has the largest reserves of Gold bullion in the world, reportedly over 8,000 tonnes. Germany, the second largest holder, actually stores a good portion of their gold bullion in vaults in the USA.
  13. Engine of the world-trade economy / leading center for commodity trade goods  (Revelation 18:11-13)  / merchants made rich by her (Revelation 18:3; 18:17-19). Note: The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies (USD$12.25 trillion as of May, 2010). China, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and many many other nations have been made rich by America's consumerism and trade.
  14. Devours other nations' resources (Isaiah 14:8).Note: America is often accused of this around the world. Highly recommend reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.
  15. Destroyer of nations; makes desolate (Jeremiah 51:25).
  16. Breaks the bones of the scattered sheep of יהוה (Jeremiah 50:17). Causes the people of יהוה and the people of all the earth to be slain (Jeremiah 51:49).
  17. A Great City (Revelation 14:8 KJV; 17:18; 18:10-21), but has many cities (Jeremiah 50:32). Note: Just as Ancient Babylon, she has chief cities which symbolically and literally represent the empire (primarily New York City and Washington, D.C.). Is it not interesting that the City of Babylon, New York is mysteriously located at the very gateway to the chief city of the empire? Is it not interesting that New York state is often referred to as "the Empire State"?
  18. Land of mighty men (Jeremiah 50:36; 51:30).Note: the USA is home to the wealthiest and most powerful men of the world.
  19. Land of mixed peoples/immigrants (Jeremiah 50:16, 37). Note connections between Ishtar, one of the primary goddess of ancient Babylon, who was considered the Mother of Immigrants (as well as other things of course, such as Liberty, War, and fertility). Interestingly, Easter (Ishtar) is a favorite pagan-baptized tradition practiced wide-spread in the USA.
  20. Land of farmers/agriculture (Jeremiah 50:16).
  21. Land of craftsmen/manufacturing (Revelation 18:22).
  22. Land of musicians/music (Revelation 18:22; Isaiah 14:11). Note: America's music industry flows to the entire world.
  23. Land of vanity and pleasure (Isaiah 47:8; Revelation 18:7). Note: America's entertainment industry, materialism, consumerism.
  24. Land of waters (Jeremiah 50:38; 51:32, 36). Note: America's great lakes region, great rivers, the Gulf, and long coastlines. However, many continents could claim this trait.
  25. Land of deep sea-port(s) (Revelation 18:10,17). Note: New York, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.
  26. Land of slaves (Revelation 18:13). Note: Could be literal African slaves, but also citizen-slaves to national debt/international banking systems, etc.
  27. Esteems/glorifies herself (Revelation 18:7).
  28. Has a great space program (Jeremiah 51:9, 53).Note the reference to "lifted up to the skies" and compare the Hebrew word for "lifted up" (Strong's H5375) ...which sounds very similar to NASA. 
  29. Belief of immunity to invasion; dwells carelessly (Isaiah 47:8). Note: Because of America's nuclear deterrent, the majority of it military is hosted by other countries. Other than Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks, it has been a very long time since America was on the receiving end of any invasion... and the American people commonly pride themselves on this fact.
  30. Grown fat (Jeremiah 50:11). Note: which country's population is the most over-weight in the world and accumulates the most "stuff" (fat on many levels)?
  31. Lays heavy burden/yoke on the elderly (Isaiah 47:6).
  32. Land of liars and falsehood (Jeremiah 50:36; 51:17). Deceived by own wisdom and knowledge (Isaiah 47:10). Note: uses the scientific establishment to discredit the existence of the Creator of the Universe?
  33. Insane with idols (Jeremiah 50:38; Daniel 5:23). Note: Materialism, entertainment, sports, liberalism, etc?
  34. King/leaders use divination (Ezekiel 21:21).
  35. King/leaders do not esteem יהוה(Daniel 5:23).
  36. Lucifer is her king (Isaiah 14:4,12).
  37. Deceives people and nations with sorcery/drugs/pharmakeia (Isaiah 47:12; Revelation 18:23).Note: America (and Europe) hosts the largest, most profitable pharmaceutical companies in the world. 
  38. Trusts in wickedness (Isaiah 47:10). See: What is Wickedness? Note: America is heavily involved in GMO, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc... all of which pollutes and breaks the original design of the Creator, the ultimate example of Ra/Wickedness.
  39. Inhabited by the children of Judah (the Jews) and the children of 10-Israel (Jeremiah 50:1-20,25; 51:5-6,10,45; Isaiah 48:20; Revelation 18:4).Note: besides the nation of Israel, where do most Jews reside currently?
  40. Has become arrogant and adversarial against יהוה (Jeremiah 50:24,29,31-32).
  41. Tries to hide her nakedness and shame (Isaiah 47:3). Note: Tens of millions of unborn children murdered and then hidden from public view?
  42. Ignorant of sudden doom/destruction (Isaiah 47:7-11; Jeremiah 51:39-41; Revelation 18:7).
  43. Sins reach unto heaven (Revelation 18:5).  
  44. Drunken with the blood of the righteous followers of Yeshua/Jesus (Revelation 17:6; 19:1-2). Note: the USA has hidden much of her past bloodshed, but there is an ever-growing and ever-justified fear that her greatest bloodshed is yet to come, where believers will be repressed and murdered in many ways not unlike Nazi-era Germany with the treatment of Jew-dah and other groups.

At the time of Babylon's destruction

  1. יהוה will set a snare for her (Jeremiah 50:24).
  2. Like in antiquity, יהוה stirs up the Medes against Babylon. This will include the kingdoms of "Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz" and "all the countries" ruled by or in alliance with the Medes (Isaiah 13:17-22; Jeremiah 51:11,27-28; Revelation 17:15-18).Note: Who is the Anglo-American Empire's most prominent and persistent adversary right now?
  3. However, the destruction of Babylon does NOT come from only war, but an almost simultaneous great earthquake and related earth-changes, including tsunamis (Jeremiah 51:42, Revelation 16:18-20; 18:21). Indeed, there will be sudden destruction (Isaiah 47:11; Jeremiah 51:8); in one day (Revelation 18:8; Jeremiah 51:2; Isaiah 47:9); and in one hour (Revelation 18:10,17,19). Note that there is NO prophetic implication that Babylon will be destroyed via economic means.
  4. Wings will be plucked (Daniel 7:4). 
  5. Nations will try to heal her (Jeremiah 51:9).  
  6. Nations will weep and mourn (Revelation 18:10-21) and be horrified (Jeremiah 50:23).
  7. Her cities set on fire (Jeremiah 50:32; Revelation 18:8). Note: many modern-day watchmen (David Wilkerson, Dimitru Dudumond, etc) have been shown that the cities of the USA will be set on fire in a day of judgment from Heaven. Also note the reference to 'cities'. Babylon is more than just one city!
  8. Left desolate and uninhabited forever (Isaiah 13:19-22; Jeremiah 50:12-13, 51:26,29).

More thoughts on Mystery Babylon and the revived Beast Alliance which hates her

Note: This author understands there are many patriotic and honorable individuals who work within the various government agencies of the United States of America, but the overall macro-fascist-picture is extremely disturbing on many levels.

  • The Medes = Iran
  • Isaiah 13:17-22; Jeremiah 51:11,27-28; Revelation 17:15-18 is all you need to understand that the MEDE-ALLIANCE is the same as the 10-HORN BEAST ALLIANCE... which probably consists of or is helped by Turkey, Libya, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, and a few other Babylon-haters...
  • If, or rather 'When', Iran is able to successfully bring the USA/Babylon down, there will be an enormous power-vacuum in the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia. In the power-vacuum left by the absence of Babylon, a centralized Alawite-Shia Islamofascist Empire would likely RE-form rapidly... annexing all of the Caucasus region, all of the *-stans of Central Asia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and likely much much more... and may quickly resemble the old Ottoman Empire... and would likely even annex many Sunni dominated countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia... either voluntarily or by force.
  • Could this future Islamofascist Empire be what Revelation calls "the Beast"? ...a Beast Empire ruled by the Beast and the false-Prophet?
  • An Islamic Medeo-Persian-Edomite BEAST empire which "troubles Jacob" parallels well with animosities from the ancient past... including the stories of Haman, Esau, Ishmael, etc....
  • Babylon will not issue or force its citizens to receive a Mark. The Mark of the Beast belongs to the Beast. It is never called the Mark of Babylon, hence, looking for the Mark of the Beast in Babylon is an error-riddled endeavor or in the very least, a misdirected search.
  • What is the TRUE religion of Babylon? In what I've perceived from living in Mystery Babylon all my life, her religion is "the accumulation of wealth and power", power to accumulate 'more'... and she has done it via the US Dollar. She wants the entire planet and everything it has to give. In order to facilitate trade between peoples with divergent religions, she has tried to remain somewhat secularized and/or just generally/generically religious. In my view, she has done this in order to not offend trade partners, importers, and customers. This is why Christmas is 'cool', in the great whores mind... because it is an annualized profit-making ponzi scheme! All along, the so-called 'reason for the season' is diminished through general omission. This offends Christians (who don't understand the REAL reason for the season themselves). Babylon, however through experience, has determined the offense taken by Christians is generally inconsequential to their wallet/pocket book. They will still spend money to bow-down and stick Chinese-made crapware under a Christianized-version of a pagan Nimrod tree.
  • What is the TRUE religion of the Beast? I don't see any where in prophetic passages where the Beast Empire itself will be secularized or neuterized (religiously) in order to unite the world into One (which was the previous method of Babylon). Most all indicators I've seen is that the Beast Empire will expand via Islam, the sword, violence, and be merged with some bizarre cult worship of a mystical/influential/supernatural figure and his prophet. In fact, it seems this revived empire will be unable to conquer all, probably because of its unwillingness to generalize itself or just because יהוה will destroy it before it could expand itself to that eventual reality. 
  • The fascist NWO that many in the West think is coming soon, is actually already here. It is known as the Anglo-American Empire. It is the NWO that daddy Bush talked about so often. It is Mystery Babylon's expanded empire after WWII. It already has a One World Currency and a One World Religion. Both are probably best known by one word: 'Dollar'. It's fake inflated currency and religion has successfully hacked off most peoples of the world (especially the Islamic ones)... and there are many currently, willing and able to "make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."

Your comments, insights, and constructive criticism is very much welcome and appreciated.

Hanok ben-Isaak

Credits: R.A. Coombes, Steve Quayle, Joel Skousen, G. Edward Griffin, Webster Griffin Tarplay, John Coleman, John Perkins, and Joseph P. Farrell have offered the most evidence to influence my perspective on the identity of End-Time Mystery Babylon (note: not all of them actually make the identification). Walid Shoebat, Rico Cortes, Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, and Scot Dryer are probably the most notable in influencing my view on the identity of where the Beast Empire will arise or be revived. Not sure if any of them have combined both identity views... and I'm sure all of them would likely disagree with some aspect of what I've written and would of course disagree with each other.