Jews and Joes

E. Raymond Capt

Quotes by E. Raymond Capt, Biblical Archaeologist, Christian historian, and author.

  • For centuries our most famous seats of learning, universities, colleges and theological institutions have been at a loss to solve the question - what was the ultimate fate of the so-called "Lost Tribes of Israel" in Assyrian captivity? Although there is an abundance of prophecy in the Bible concerning the destiny of the "House of Israel" there is no record of its history in exile. The prevailing theory, held by modern theologians, is that they were "cast away;" simply integrated with the people of the lands of their captivity. However, such conclusions are in contradiction to the everlasting covenants God made with Abraham and his descendants. (Gen. 17:4-7) - Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets, pg.7
  • The texts of the preceding tablets [The Royal Correspondence of the Assyrian Empire] reveal the Israelites, originally known to the Assyrians, as "Khumri" were placed in captivity near the river Habor, (in northern Assyria) in Gozan, and among the Medes in northern Iran. In captivity the Israelites were renamed "Gimira" and "Gamera" and finally "Cimmerians." Although the Gimira were occupying part of the land of the Medes and Mannai, they were a distinct people. This can be shown by a series of tablets found at Nineveh, in which the king of Assyria (Esarhaddon 681-699 B.C.) is reciting prayers, through his priests, to the sun-god Shamash. - Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets, pg.117
  • The inscriptions [Behistun Rock Inscription] have been known for many years but the publications dealing with them have generally passed over the translation of "Gimiri" to "Sakka" with scarcely a comment. Perhaps it seemed quite inexplicable to the historians. And yet, the only conclusion that can be drawn from the inscriptions (also the writings of Josephus) is that the Iskuza were called "Sakka" by the Persians. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that the "Iskuza", the "Sakka" and the "Gimiri" are the same people. Then in reviewing the Royal Correspondence of the Assrian Empire it is evident that the "Iskuza," the "Sakka," the "Scythians," the "Cimmerians" and the "Gimiri" are all Israelites. - Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets, pg. 140

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