Jews and Joes

Disclaimer regarding 10-Israel (Joes) and Judah (Jews)

The author of this website is passionately opposed to any and all forms of Antisemitism, including racial and/or cultural prejudices. Supersessionisms (sometimes called Replacement Theologies) are largely grown out of ignorance of the two kingdom or two-house reality in ancient Israel and in modern times.

The House of Israel (Joseph) will NOT replace the House of Judah (Jew-da). Quite literally, the two houses are brothers and the Prophet Ezekiel foretells they, the two etzeem (sticks/trees), will become one people in the hand of Melekh ha-Mashiach (the-Anointed King), just as the original anointed king (David) united both Houses some three thousand years ago. Unfortunately, first an impostor (anti-messiah) will attempt to accomplish all the Davidic promises, but he will fail after turning the hearts of a great many, Jews and Joes alike. Even so, the true BRANCH of David will unite and rule all of Israel according to the time schedule of our Master יהוה.

Beliefs regarding Israel, both Jews and Joes:

  • Anglo-saxon peoples are NOT exclusively representative of the tribe of Ephraim or 10-Israel. If Ephraim was to be the prophetic "fullness of the nations" (Gen. 48:19), it is very likely a myriad of colors represent Ephraim now. Terms or phrases which use "White" or "Black" to monopolize Israelite identities based upon color are belief systems which stem from Darwinian propaganda that has tried to separate and divide humanity into artificial classes or superiority. This should not be done, but sadly it is being done by many groups, including the Black-Hebrew movement.
  • Genetically, it is improbable to identify a whole and individual tribe of Israel with absolute certainty with our current database of haplogroup data (even still, the pool of data and the understanding of the data is growing rapidly)
  • The Jews are NOT descendants of Esau, but of the ancient Israelite Kingdom of Judah (Jew da) predominantly. Yet, Esau (Edomites) were permitted to join the assembly of Israel in antiquity (Deut. 23:7-8; Levit. 19:34) and many likely did so as history seems to attest, thus it is possible and probable that some portion of some Jews have ancestry connected to Esau. Any given person may have hundreds of thousands of unique and unidentified ancestors.
  • The United States of America is NOT the "new" Promised Land, just as the British Isles were NOT the new Israel, though Israelites dwelt there. The ancient Land of Israel, from the Euphrates River to the Nile River (Gen. 15:18-21; Num. 34:1-12), is what was promised to the seed of Jacob. And those scattered of Jacob are PROMISED to return to that specific Promised Land (Zech. 10:6-12).

May our Abba awaken and gather many of our scattered and dispersed brothers to Himself... from both Houses.

Shalom Aleichem,
Hanok ben-Isaak