Hebrew Israelites, the most hateful group?

The video below first got my attention when ‘Hebrew Israelite’ was referenced and then the ‘title most hateful group’ seemed a bit impossible to imagine. After watching it, the title may actually be correct. They are at least one of the most verbally hateful groups. Note, it is a tad painful to watch, especially since they are referring to themselves as Israelites [the guilt by association isn’t doing anyone any favors]. The reality is that they may be Israelite in some ‘two-house’ sense, but this really is a sad hateful condition that they’re in.

After watching both of these videos, it really is so ridiculous, hateful, and inflammatory that it makes me think it is probably some black-op psychological experiment being undertaken by a rogue group within the CIA.

Truly sick and twisted theology. White-people suck. I get it. I got it. We all suck, somehow.  How does one merge this amount of racial tension with end-time prophecy? Bizarre.

Lets not forget that WHITE/lighter-skinned people fought with other white people in order to free dark-skinned people.

And I think it would be valuable for them to consider that dark-skinned Africans enslaved other dark-skinned Africans in Africa… and light-skinned Caucasians enslaved other light-skinned Caucasians in Indo-Europe. Being enslaved and being a victim doesn’t make one more prophetically relevant and exceptional. The suffering of one group was merely more recent… and tribalism (similar to racism) was and is still prevalent throughout the world, not just among Africans.

Another thing: It is extremely difficult for me to imagine a ebony Jesus/Yeshua standing on a curb and yelling these kinds of things.  Or do they really think the prophets of old yelled these types of things, being imbibed with racial spitefulness?  Come now… the Two-Witnesses of Revelation… going to be doing this?

Why aren’t they raising the dead and healing sick? Is being a racist and a racist victim just an easier path to take?

Yours truly… in disgust, J