When is Yom Teruah? 2010

UPDATES: "Observers from Jerusalem, Ramle, Tekoa, and Aminadau Forest report no moon sighted." - Nehemia Gordon

"After a careful search of the skies around Jerusalem and reports from other new moon observers, we can conclude that the new moon marking the beginning of the seventh biblical month has not been seen over the Land of Israel. We can expect it to be easily visible tomorrow over all of the Land of Israel, meaning that Yom HaTeruah (The Day of Noise Making) will begin tomorrow evening (Fri 10 Sep) at sunset." - Melech ben Ya'aqov

When is Yom Teruah?

Next week is the biblical festival of Yom Teruah, the Day of Shouting/Trumpeting (literally: noise-making). The moon will definitely be visible from Israel on Friday night September 10, so the question is whether it will also be visible Thursday night. The answer is yes and no. Yes it will be visible Thursday night, but no, not from the Land of Israel. Let me explain. Thursday night the moon will have 2.5% illumination over Jerusalem and normally that should make it easy to sight. But the lagtime - the time between sunset and moonset - will only be 23 minutes. This short lagtime means that the moon will set before the light of the sun fades, making it impossible to see the moon. As you travel south the lagtime will increase, so in the southern hemisphere and even in some parts of the northern hemisphere it will be easy to see but not in Israel. I will be traveling down to Eilat where the lagtime will increase to 26
minutes. Previous experience indicates that 26 minutes will not be enough to sight the moon, although I will attempt to do so. I will be sending out a report late Thursday when I return from Eilat, but it's a 4.5 hour drive to Jerusalem so that probably won't be until well after midnight. I will, however, tweet the results from the road and you can check that out at:

For more information about Yom Teruah please see:

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
Source: Karaite Korner Newsletter #474

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  1. Hanok

    How do you observe Yom Kippur? I take it that you don’t follow Rabbinic tradition since you don’t seem to follow the Rabbinic Calendar. My wife and I have been in the movement since 2008. The first year we did not even know about the holidays because we were attending a congregation that didn’t seem to observe the Holy days corporately. We changed to a start up congregation nearer our home, they are Messianic but follow the Rabbinic Calendar and seem to try to follow Rabbinic Traditions. We observed Yom Kippur today with the reading of many prayers from the Siddur and readings of some of the Psalms, some from Isaiah, 1st Corinthians, and Hebrews. It all seemed rather artificial. I know these Holy days are very important, therefore I would like to know the proper way to observe them all.

    I am somewhat leary of following the Rabbis because I don’t want to trade one set of man made traditions for another.

    I have read Lev 16.

    Since the sacrifices cannot be done, just how are we to memorialize these Holy days?

    What does it mean to afflict yourself?

    What’s the deal with wearing white?

    What’s the deal with no leather shoes?

    Could you please point me to some place for answers?


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