When are the next Sabbath (Shmita) and Jubilee (Yovel) years?

There are several differing systems falling within just a few years or months of each other. According to my calculations, Mar/Apr 2009 (Nisan/Aviv) through Mar/Apr 2010 (Nisan/Aviv) will be the next Sabbath/Shmita year and Mar/Apr 2045 through Mar/Apr 2046 will be the next Jubilee (Yovel/Yobel).

  • Next Shmita: 2009/2010 (Aviv reckoning)
  • Next Yobel: 2045/2046 (Aviv reckoning)

According to this interpretation, we are currently in the 7th year of a 7 year Shmita cycle. For more details and a longer explanation, see How do we know the Shmittah (Sabbath) and Yovel (Jubilee) Year Cycle? and Table of Sabbath and Jubilee Years.

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  1. When is the next Sabbath and jubilee year, 2009?

  2. It is my understanding that we are in a Shmittah/Sabbath year right now. The next Jubilee year will start during 2045. The year before that, 2044, will be a Shmittah.

  3. No. the next Sabbath year or Shmita is 2013 and the next and final Yovel/Jubille is 2028 but it actually starts on the 7 month of 10 day of 2027. 2027 is cut short by 5 months and 21 days.

    The year that Jesus stood up and read from Isaiah 61 and declared a favorable year of the LORD was a Jubilee/Yovel. This by estimation from Josephus and Daniel 9 happened in the year 27 AD. 2000 years divided by 50 results in 40 Jubilee/Yovels so adding 2000 to 27 AD results in 2027 for start of next Jubilee/Yovel. Other then is simple subtraction for next Sabbbath/Shmittah.

  4. Typing correction – 2027 is cut short by 4 months and 21days.

  5. According to the Talmud and other Jewish records the last Jubilee year was 2005/2006 Aviv reckoning. The next Shemitah year therefore is going to be 2012/2013 Aviv reckoning. The Jews have subtracted 323 years or 17 full cycles of 19 years from their calendar and if you don’t know that you can’t start any of the various prophecies in the correct place. The “2300 evening-mornings” of Daniel 8 is missing 190 years. When you add those back in you have the 490 years of Daniel 9 and the 2000 years of Hosea 6.

  6. 2011 Day of Atonement on a shabbat, 2012 Passover day on a shabbat, and Av 90th on a Shabbat. 2013, Day of Day of Atonement on a shabbat. The end was declared at the beginning.

  7. MANY THANKS for rhe comments Mark.
    on a minor issue, the year is not cut short… the sabbath year starts for the first month to first month, while ,according to the scripture, the Jubile/Yovel starts in the Day of Atonwmnt, in the Autumn, the seventh month of the year,not the first month(in the Spring).
    JLDwyer, on the net, says Christ stood up to read Isaiah 61 in AD28. Which is right? 27 or 28AD?

  8. I recommend “The mystery of the Shemitah” sequel to “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn, the book gives good illustrations of how those sevenths have worked in the USA, I find they are more agriculturally aimed here in Madagascar, that is, the rains are withheld from those who sow their fields.

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