What is being said about ‘Comet Elenin’?

Speculation regarding Comet Elenin falls within a wide range of interesting, bizarre, practical, and practically insane perspectives. Personally, I hate having information censored from me or being told what to think about any topic or problem, so I'm certainly not going to do that to others. Instead, I'm linking to and embedding videos of the wide array of opinion that I've found so far (even if I think some of the content is in error). Ultimately, I hope people will be skeptical, but open-minded... and extremely watchful in the time we now live, especially in light of Hebrew prophecy. Of course, some of what is being said out there contradicts the Scriptures. May the Ruakh of ???? help us all slice through the deliberate lies and confusion. - Hanok ben-Isaak

James McCanney speaking about NASA disinformation on C2C.



Sources delegitimizing or minimizing the significance of 'Elenin'


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  1. In case you missed it, here’s an excellent video about Elenin from the perspective of the Revelation 12 sign of the woman travailing to give birth. Very interesting.

  2. Derek, thanks for the link! The woman (constellation Virgo / Bethulah) at the sky is a picture of the Israel / Bride of Messiah. I have been into biblical astronomy for a while and it has blown my mind! Here’s a good website with interesting links to other convincing sources as well:

    Here’s a video regarding Elenin as a herald / sign of Messiah’s return:

    I don’t believe that small comet called Elenin itself would be the cause for the recent massive earthquakes. Surely Elenin is at least a herald / sign of the end of days / “birth pains”.

    “Then said he (Yeshua) unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And GREAT earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful SIGHTS and great SIGNS shall there be from HEAVEN.” (Luke 21:10-11)

    Emphasis is mine.

    We already see some of these already happening.

    I believe alignments of the sun, earth and Elenin are not the cause itself for major earthquakes, but major earthquakes happening same time with the alignments in question could be some kind special warning from YHVH.

    All in all I believe comet Elenin is a one prophetic end-times sign about the deliverance of YHVH’s redeemed (faithful remnant from the house of Judah and house of Ephraim+all the people joined with them) and His coming judgments.

    In my opinion the rest of the “Elenin / Nibiru / Planet X -hype” is less or more about freaky conspiracy-theories (though I don’t deny that there are some conspiracies) whcih have origin in ancient pagan / modern new-age prophecies.

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