Encounter w/ Comet Elenin during Yom Teruah-Sukkot 2011, Mystery Babylon’s Killshot?

This PDF is extremely valuable prerequisite readin: Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity (PDF) | Dr Mensur Omerbashich, PhD

The next critical alignment date on with Comet Elenin will be on Sept 26th-29th, 2011 (which Mike brings to our attention in the following video) ...coincidentally [???] ...closely coincides with the projected timing of this year's Yom Teruah or Day of Shouting/Blowing on about Sept 29th. A couple weeks later, Earth travels closely behind and dangerously near Elenin's orbit and debri field (which is quite large by many estimations). That will happen during the period of this year's Sukkot or Festival of Tabernacles. Again, pure coincidence???  Maybe.   See Karaite Korner's holiday calendar for verification on dates.

Nothing of significant note may occur on the above dates, just as the 'official' NASA commentary would suggest. See Comet Elenin: Preview of a Coming Attraction... and have no fear... NASA would of course never withhold critical data from the people who pay NASA's bills. No no no.

Regardless, none of us really know the exact timing of things yet to come... except the Father Himself, but we certainly have a profound time period to keep a watchful eye. However... please note... I do NOT think this could be when Yeshua/Jesus will return, nor do I think it could be the time of the 'Rapture'. On the other hand, I do think it 'could' be the Yah-ordained trigger for the 6th Seal cataclysm (Rev 6:12-17) which utterly destroys Mystery Babylon (paralleling or making way for an attack by the not-so-mysterious Medes), which would also preempt the remnant return of Jew-dah and 10-Israel "weeping and together" to the Land of Tsiyon. It may of course be too early yet for those things to occur.... and remember... this is not a "thus saith YHVH"... but pure speculation. It may simply be a passing comet that causes yet more major and minor earthquakes. We simply don't know yet.

Again, Elenin may not be the MB/empire killer, but what if it is? Would MB's agencies warn us of such if they even knew it was coming? Let the previous and ongoing array of lies be your guide in any such expectation.

Regardless... watch, pray, and prepare!

Hanok ben-Isaak

P.S. Here is the link to the NASA JPL Orbit Diagram seen in the video above... where you can manipulate the Elenin alignments yourself: JPL small-body database browser, C/2010 X1 [Elenin]

P.P.S.  Strangely, the White House released this document just a couple months before Elenin was 'officially' discovered: Executive Office of the President OSTP: Current and Prospective Near-Earth Object (NEO) Detection Activities  Yet more bizarre and coincidental timing???

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The above video by Mike was brought to my attention via an email. Thank you, Joshua!

On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 9:24 PM, JOSHUA <***email removed***> wrote:

This confirms a lot of what we have learned from our studies and what He has shown us the last few years.  I think this could very well happen this Fall (Feasts) time frame.
There is no coincidence that the two-state Israeli Palestinian deadline is this September as well.
I believe that these events could blindside most of the world.
We are called to be watchman on the walls, discerning the times, wise as serpents and to warn others that the end of all things is at hand.  I appreciate your time on this important matter.

***email removed***

A prudent (wise) person foresees danger (calamity)and takes precaution (prepares), but the simpleton (foolish, ignorant) keeps going and suffers for it. [Pro 27:12]

Blessed is the one who reads this book, and happy are those who listen to the words of this prophecy and obey what is written! For the time is near when all these things will happen. [Rev 1:3]

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  1. Oh, I do so hope we are sooner than we think closer to the beginning of the restoration! I was praying and crying this morning over news of how they are tortuing people in China this morning praying that YHWH would STOP it now! No one should ever have to experience this type of hideous evil or even hear of it. I even prayed that I would be willing to lose eternal life IF the evil would just be STOPPED!

    LOOK UP for your REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH! I’m looking up every day praying for the promise and sign of the Son of Man!

  2. can’t hear it, please redue with sound higher

  3. Incredible! I’m embarrassed to say that his is the first I’ve heard of this, but I’ll definitely be looking into it (not that I have much choice, apparently). Thanks so much for keeping the rest of us informed on all these interesting topics! It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all that is happening.

  4. Hi Bill,
    I’m looking for a better version. Mike is speaking fairly low… and I had to turn up the volume a good bit. My apologies for that.


  5. Must watch! I will do it right now.

  6. I recommend to download freeware astronomy program called Stellarium.

  7. I tend to interpret Revelation 6 and 7 as overviews of the tribulation and the sixth seal being the return of Christ, since it mirrors the events Joel and Matthew 24 mentioned, but still watching the skies.

    You never know.

  8. Elenin is a very dangerous comet. Sometimes we need to watch what an object does instead of watching the object while looking for clues. Elenin in not visible to the naked eye, but does appear to have an EM effect on our solar system at distances of 14+ AUs and correlates too well with seismicity to be ignored. Elenin is also dangerous because it is a long period (10000+ years) comet whose tail the Earth passes through.

    Comets are not balls of ice and dust like Nasa states. Nasa will not release this information because there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it except panic. Sit back and enjoy the ride and be thankful to be alive in this time to bear witness to this event.

    Comets are electric cosmic capacitors. Comets are electromagnetically connected to the sun and planets by EM ropes (JPL, 2005). Extreme EM can cause earthquakes. This is what HAARP research is based upon. EM energy lubricates fault lines. The reason Elenin is causing quakes when others do not is because Elenin has been in deep space a long time gathering electrons and has a very strong EM field. A comets positively charged metallic core is ideal for storing and attracting electrons to the core’s atomic structure.

    Comets pick up electrons as they fly through space. The larger the comet and longer the comet travels through space without discharging, the more electricity is stored in the comet. When the comet approaches the sun, it begins to glow because the electron cloud is energized by the sun’s proton wind. The hydrogen protons combine with the oxygen in the solar wind to produce water in the comet’s tail; which is comprised of visible photons (coma). The sun provides the positive charge and the stored electrons provide the negative charge to complete an electric circuit. The metal comet nucleus behaves similar to the filament on a lightbulb when positive and negative wires are attached. The bulb glows. The intensity of photon emission is proportional to the amount of current applied to the circuit.

    Comets do the same thing when the comet encounters the solar wind. This explains Nasa’s observation of the charred black rock with rugged gouges and large pits that was observed by Nasa during a comet flyby. The pits and gouges appears to be electrical contact points.

    Comets glow proportional to the amount of protons striking the electron cloud and may brighten at any time when the comets energizes the sun with a surge in electrons. The luminosity can increase by million of times when the comet discharges its capacitance to the sun.

    Most comets don’t have enough charge or do not get close enough to the sun to explosively discharge their energy and just pass through the solar system on its way to gather energy for the next opportunity to erupt.

    The infrared signature for comet Elenin suggests the charge Elenin is carrying is so large that when the comet dumps its capacitance, the resulting photon flare up will engulf the Earth as the Earth passes through the tail. The evidence is in Nasa’s google sky infrared image of Elenin. When Elenin was 14 AUs away on June 14, 2007, Nasa photographed the comet when they took the infrared image for google sky. The infrared image indicates Elenin’s infrared electrical signature is 17 million miles across with xray jets extending over 100 million miles from Elenin. Elenin will pass the Earth at 33 million miles. When Elenin flares and dumps its electron load (electricity), the photon flash will be so great that it will instantly turn everything on the Earth’s surface into light energy.

    The reasons other comets are not a threat is that most comets do not pass between the Earth and the sun putting the Earth in the tail. Also, comets with periods of a a hundred years or so are able to dump their charge more frequently which keeps the IR very signature low producing a standard xray image.

    Elenin is different. There is no other object in space that humans have identified that has an electric signature like Elenin. This is why the governments of the world are building bunkers deep within the Earth. This is why the seed vault was built in Greenland. This is why the US government is spending like there is no tomorrow. This is why our weather is changing now. This is why we have civil unrest around the world.

    Rapture time.

    God is light. See you soon.

  9. shalom.
    have you read this about it being a dwarf not a comet?

  10. No, I haven’t see that post yet. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks, Naomi.

  11. The tail of this dragon might just be spitting out poison – like cyanide. In 2010, comet Hartley’s tail increased its cyanide output by five times as it neared the Sun and began to melt. I don’t know if Elenin is made of cyanide like Hartley was but if it is and we’re going through the tail in late October – early November, ELEnin might really be an Extinction Level Event. (nin[e]ELE[ven])

  12. All addressed. I have done 2 years of intense research on this. There is one question still outstanding. What is the elevation of elenin. Will we be on the same elevation when we reach its tail?

  13. I’ve heard we’ll be beneath it, if I remember correctly. Is that something NASA is confirming? What have you found?

    If your research goes back to before Elenin was officially discovered, what piece were you researching prior to Dec 2010?

  14. Hi Hanok

    My research was around Orbital planets with the focus on Marduk / Nibiru / Wormwood / Herculobus etc etc etc.

    What is interesting is the way that elenin came into play as soon as the internet starting to buzz with the above names. I have numerous studies on 911 and other related issues in the world and always saw the same thing. If you cannot hide it create a new version of the same thing just less conspicuous.

    Elenin???? ELE ????? Leonid ????? Time????? Size???? Actions taken by governments???? Planet X Maybe part of ELENIN. Governments Need to calm panic by admitting what they found was not critical even if they know it might be.

    Lets say Hanok; you and I go into the desert and we find a stash of Gold. Other people start sniffing around. What action will we take. 1) Say they are crazy.2) Say yes but make sure they note it is very small amount of low quality; 3) Keep quiet and send some else in to spread a rumor that it was false and that he really found the mother load.

    Think about it.

  15. By the way, to answer your previous question: from the looks of the JPL orbital data, Elenin appears to cross the equatorial plane just before the Sept 26-29 alignment, but not sure how far above it will be by October when we swing in behind its tail. I’ve heard estimates now that the coma is somewhere around 200,000km across, and I suspect its tail debri is stretched out further than that by a significant margin. And of course, that isn’t taking into account other large orbitals that some amateurs have spotted with Elenin.


  16. Hanok

    Please supply at least one of the mentioned amateur names. I need coordinates and pictures. we need to warn people NOW!!!!!

  17. Dr. Byron Glenn and Terral Croft are probably the most notable, but there is quite a controversy that has developed between them.

    The following article is somewhat insightful:
    Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star? – An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur Omerbashich

  18. Anyone out there???????????

  19. Honestly, I think are greatest need right now is a credible and identifiable whistle-blower from the inside of NASA. Otherwise, we’re left guessing on too much. Either that, or we need THE Eliyahu to inform us of what is going on… and what next steps to take. Honestly, I’m not alarmed at this stage. Just patiently waiting… and trying to prepare for some worse case scenarios, but there is only so much I can do… or anyone can really do.


  20. Agree and thanks. Yip lets all sit tight and see what happens Sept to Dec 2011

  21. What we all have to keep in mind is that there are two different scenarios for believers and unbelievers. True believers are subject to tribulation, but are NOT subject to the wrath of YHVH. Some of these things that will happen are part of the judgment of God upon wicked, rebellious mankind. Our “blessed hope” is that we are delivered from experiencing the wrath of God. Some have taught that our “blessed hope” is that we will not experience tribulation in this world. Tribulation vs wrath…that may be a good reason to warn others NOW!

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