VIDEO: Aviv New Moon Sighted from Jerusalem, Israel! 3/17/2010 Happy New Year!

Original Source: Aviv New Moon Sighted in Israel!

Aviv New Moon Sighted from Israel!

On March 17, 2010 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was sighted:

*from Jerusalem at 17:50 by Nehemia Gordon followed by Shoshanah Waterman, Dan Rose, Ben Rose, Devorah Gordon and Paul Matthew Leisy;
*from Tel Aviv at 17:56 by David Cachicas followed by Gavriel and Daniela Cachicas;
*from near Rosh Ha'Ayin at 18:07 by Dina Marcus followed by Avi Marcus, Rick & Janie Callaham, Tod & Jonna Sherard;
*from elsewhere in Jerusalem at 18:07 by Miri Burgin, at 18:13 by Terry Telligman, and at 18:20 by Paul and Katharina Beattie.

Photos of the new moon sighted from Jerusalem are posted at:

A video of the new moon sighting from Jerusalem is posted at:

YouTube New Moon of the Month of the Aviv from Jerusalem 2010

In addition to the Aviv barley previously reported on Friday, we found a planted field of domesticated 6-row Aviv barley in the Jordan Valley just south of Nakhal Milkha. The field also contained small quantities of 2-row domesticated Aviv barley intermixed with the 6-row. The other Aviv barley found earlier in the Jordan Valley and northern Negev was spontaneous 2-row barley.

Photographs of the Aviv barley found at Nakhal Milkha are also posted at:

My thanks to the following people for participating in the main Aviv Search: Terry Telligman, Shoshanah Waterman, Miri Burgin, Willie Ondricek, Paul Beattie, Katharina Beattie, Amanda Boyd, Ruth Burcham, Carolyn Ardeeser, Dina Marcus, Dan Rose, Paul Matthew Leisy, Yaron Laluz, and Asi Eliyahu. Special thanks to Shoshanah Waterman for the photos of the barley and the new moon.

The Gregorian dates for the Biblical feasts based on the Aviv and the new moon from the Land of Israel are posted at:

Shanah Tovah U-Mevorechet!
Good and Blessed New Year!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

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  1. HalleluJAH!! What a glorious, but tempestuous, New Year this will be. I believe we will see the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel, brought on by a necessary signing of a Mid-East peace treaty because of a 1 day Nuclear 3rd world war. So much fear & anguish will cause the UN monkey court to let Israel have Jerusalem & it’s long fought for “Right to Exist” (so it should be). The “man of sin” will lead the nations into a false sense of peace for a times, time & a half time, (3 1/2 yrs), at which time his true hatred of the Jews & their new temple, including the true disciples of Yeshua. He will cause the abomination that brings desolation, by standing in the Holy of Holies, claiming he is the most high God.

    This year, we will have step up in intensity, the birth pangs with earthquakes of unheard of magnitude, pestilence & diseases bring food shortages and great fear of survival. America will begin its much deserved judgments of wickedness behind the pulpits and in govts. This year will start the end.

  2. I pray this is the case…because if it is then the rapture will have occurred, and I am soooooo ready to go home. May God continue to protect Israel and may God grant Israel the site to see the antichrist for what and who he actually is.

  3. There is not a rapture until the 7th trumpet sounds and that is after the tribulation. Here is a video with transcript–>

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