The Lion, the Lamb, and the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

Below are random thoughts regarding the Lion, the Lamb, and the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

* Jew-Da (Judah) was/is representative of a Lion (Genesis 49:9). Looking at nature, a pack of lions never move and grow into great numbers. Even so, the multitude is troubled by their presence.

* Joseph (Israel) was/is representative of a Calf, Lamb, Ox, and/or Bull (Deut 33:17). Cattle can indeed become a great multitude... a great herd of people.... or rather, a "multitude of nations". Such has happened, though not under the name "Israel", for the prophet Hosea warned Israel would cease to be "a people", but they will become "the people Israel" again (Hosea 1:10).

* One day, the Lion (Jews) and Lamb (Joes) will lay down together in peace (Isaiah 11:6;65:25), without troubling each other anymore (Isaiah 11:13). "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together in unity." (Psalm 133)

* The Messiah Yeshua, came first as a Lamb to die in place of the lambs (nations) of Ephraim (Joes), but He came out of Jew-dah (as a Jew) and will return again as the Lion of Jew-dah, the BRANCH of David (Revelation 5:5-6).

To answer the question: "Who are the Joes now?", read some of the books dedicated to the research of their identity. You can find many listed under the Books section above. Know this: any question worth asking, is worth researching.

Abba, open Your scriptures to us all and give us all hearts like your servant, the shepherd David. Cause us to no longer be sheeple, but sheep dogs, friends of the Good Shepherd.

Let it be so.

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