The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment – Nine Harbingers for America

The Harbinger discussion is interesting to me. Maybe with some embellishments, but some good points. The talk about the ancient Northern Kingdom parallels with America are also profound, but actually run much deeper than I've heard Cahn allude to publicly. The parallels aren't just spiritual. And no mention of connections with the USA to End-Time Babylon? Maybe he just doesn't want to further complicate the discussion, I don't know. However, the discussion and problems are complex... and the grand finale alter call at the end isn't the grand solution. True national ACTIVE humble repentance? Yes, that would stay YHVH's judgment. An abstract mental calling on "Jesus" or "Yeshua" for salvation? Nope, not going to fix anything.

The following similar presentation by Cahn had a bit more focus on "repentance".  - Hanok

See: Traits of End-Time Babylon

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  1. It’s hard to believe there are no comments to this video. The Rabbi connected all the prophetic dots concerning our own nation following the pattern of judgment upon ancient Israel. Yet the scriptures tell us that only a very small remnant of true believers will recognize these signs, so I guess the lack of comments are in accord with the disbelief & defiance of Americans as depicted would take place in our own day.

    Thanks to men like Rabbi Cahn, at least a few of God’s children will heed these warnings and repent and be prepared for the judgments to come.

    I believe Judgment upon this nation will come in it’s final form yet Isaiah also stats that God will preserve a small remnant from among the nation to begin a New Nation founded upon the same priciples our Constitution now embodies.

    Judgment must wipe away the wicked in order for this New Nation to have the opportunity of coming to life and developing the Lord’s Kingdom without the interferance of those today who would seek to tear it down.

    The original founding of this nation was based upon true eternal princilpes that would garantee eternal the progression of this nation if man did his part in living God’s Laws. But there were decenters of this cause woven within the very fabric of leadership that has evolved in today’s mess we have with our Constitution being in question.

    The next go around should prove to have better desired effects when those who now oppose our Constitution & a lack a willingness to obey God’s Moral Laws are all removed in the coming Judgments of not only our nation but the entire world.

    This nation will experience total judgment of the wicked and our Babylonian obsession with power & wealth & God will preserve those who will be willing to establish a Nation that will be born in one day as Isaiah puts it. A nation built upon the Highest Laws of Heaven which will preclude any previous imperfections in our current form of Government.

    And the Lord will WRITE these laws within the HEARTS of a willing people to always obey them.

    So we will have Judgment & Salvation steming from the same set of circumstances. It will become a matter of Our Choices we make…Do we follow Righteousness and be granted this wonderful opportunity to leave Babylon and begin a New Nation of God, or will we continue to choose what we are familar with & refer to as normal & parish in the coming Judgments ?

  2. I see that many people believe that Judgment of this nation can be avoided is we get our stuff together in time to prevent that. And that Judgment will only come if we fail to do that.

    This is NOT what I’m reading from the scriptures. This does NOT follow any consistent ancient type or pattern.

    I read it as Judgment to our nation & world IS coming and that for a FEW that will AVOID it through REPENTANCE with REGARD to the WARNINGS of these Judgments, will be Preserved & Protected by God, as this interpretation conforms to the CONSISTENT patterns of the past.

    These Judgments are PROPHECIES of events that WILL occur & give Warning & Instructions to the wise & repentant on how to avoid it. How many of the world’s population do you figure right now, are wise & morally cognisant followers of Christ & His Laws ?

    Are THEY to be spared these judgments because a FEW are willing to repent and be preserved ? What POINT would there BE in THAT ? You can remain defiant toward God and be saved with the Righteous ?

  3. What I find most interesting is the fact that Rabbi Cahn has seen all of this, yet still does not see that a large portion of our country is made up of the House of Israel. Why would YHVH judge another people the same way He did His chosen He never made a covenant with another people. His covenant is with Israel.
    I agree that the time to restore may be past. There are a few of us who are repenting, but most of the “church” no longer believes that there remains a judgment. Most believe in grace and mercy without obedience.
    I believe the same DNA which was judged in Isaiah 9 is the same DNA being warned and judged today.

  4. God’s New Covenant was made by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. We are all His children and His New Covenant is with those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Those who repent of their sins & ask God’s forgiveness through the blood of His most precious Son share in God’s covenant.

    The comparison’s of the Harbingers are chilling. I was glued to the screen for this video. Bless God America .. . . God’s chosen should prepare themselves for what is to come and try to make others understand that their souls depend on accepting the LORD.

  5. and that all of us will be judged as we have judged others. please be careful of all those glass houses, those are some big stones.

  6. and that all of us will be judged as we have judged others. please be careful of all those glass houses, those are some big stones.


  7. OH yes the corrupt satan worshipping governmnt pronounced a curse on themselves while attempting to curse us BUT they cant put a curse on HIS PEOPLE which are CHRISTS i AM NOT MY GOVERNMENT IT DOESNT EVEN REPRESENT ME MOST OF THE TIME

  8. can someone post up the nine harbingers….1 thru 9…..i myself can retain the memory and understanding a lot better that way

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