“Temple at the Center of Time” by David Flynn (book review)

Today I finished reading Temple At The Center Of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the 2012 by David Flynn. It was a fascinating book. Flynn did not try to build a strong case to answer any of the world's more popular concerns, such as: "When is the End of the World?" or "When does Jesus return?", but he did give much confirming evidence that America is "Mystery Babylon" and proposes an interesting hidden location for the Ark of the Covenant. More importantly (I think), Flynn presents significant evidence for the sovereign involvement of יהוה in human history and connects that reality with the weighty and precise location of His Temple in Jerusalem.

Some of the more notable and profound findings of Flynn's research:

  • 587 statute miles from Nippur to the Temple Mount (587 BC, Temple destroyed by Babylon, foretold by Ezekiel while dwelling near Nippur, the religious center of Mesopotamia).
  • 539 statute miles from Babylon to the Temple Mount (539 BC, Babylon is conquered by Persia).
  • 666 nautical miles from Mecca to the Temple Mount.
  • 1948 nautical miles from London to the Temple Mount (1948 AD, Israel becomes a nation again/England no longer controls the Land of Israel).
  • 1779 nautical miles from Paris to the Temple Mount (1799 AD, Napoleon declared Palestine to be a Jewish homeland).

On page 75, Flynn writes:

"These manifestations of prophecy recorded in the earth are, in part, the priscia theologia for which Newton and Renaissance intellects sought. It demonstrates God's control over time, space, the rise and fall of nations, and the fulfillment of prophecy. Because time has a beginning, a present, and an end, it is reasonable to believe that the time/distance phenomena should manifest with respect to prophetic events in the modern age, as well as those set in the future."

Flynn also details how Isaac Newton derived his 2060 End-of-the-World prediction. That topic, including many of the others, would alone be worth your time and money, but like myself, everyone will find things they disagree with or don't find overly compelling, but those details shouldn't detract from the broader message of the book. It is a fantastic book!

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  1. I agree with this assessment of David Flynn’s book – it is a must read for today. You come away with an increased awe in the sovereignty of God. How the auther links mathematics to prophecy was somewhat difficult for me to understand, but I did follow the gist of his arguments. One negative comment: The narrative seems to ramble, with some unconnected thoughts and it was, at times, hard to follow the point he was making. I kept waiting for a “wrapped up conclusion” of a section and was left empty handed. Still, his unfolding of the concepts developed by Newton, as technology has allowed it to be unfolded and revealed – under the guiding hand of God – is amazing and thought provoking!

  2. i really enjoy David’s book, he makes one think and brings out how awesome the Bible is without saying or making statements about the end of the world stuff. He does his research and gives it to ones who want to know and learn. we need more like David instead of these money grabbing t.v. so called men of God preachers. i have read other works by David and it shows how intelligent in mind and spirit he is. God Bless him and i hope to see more from Mr. Flynn.

  3. I love David Flynn’s book. we need more researchers and writers like him.. Food for thought.. also check out Tom Horn he has done a lot of research on different subjects that mainstream people have not a clue about or don’t want to know, or don’t care.. love writers who make you think. David and Tom from what i have read are friends and both are christians. there is so much more in the Bible than what you are taught at church [which is Nothing].

  4. I read the book, and it was fascinating. It truelly illuminated my mind to. I love reading the Holy Bible, and studying Jewish mysticism plus the Kabala and The Temple in the Center of time had all of that stuff in it awesome.

  5. I need an address to write to get books for my brother who is in prison.

  6. I read and enjoyed Flynn’s book. it covered some of the same areas that I cover in my book Nature’s Constants. Nature’s Constants came out of my lifelong interest in physical constants. I am a physicist with specialty in electromagnetic theory.
    Interestingly enough I come to the year 2013 but with a different approach than Flynn, and one that fits with Newton’s approach to problems. In my search of Newton I found him a very clear writer on history and prophecy. I recommend his writing to anyone studying “end times” events and history .

  7. 1779 nauticalmiles from paris to the temple mount (1799 AD’ Napoleon declared palestine to be a Jewish home land) Sir, Why there is a difference of twenty years. Is it a typing mistake?

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