Shmittah Yeah 2015/2016 (or 2016/2017): Second Coming of Messiah (Christ)?

People who quote the statement of Yeshua (Jesus) that "no man knows the day or hour" (of His coming) are wholesale ignorant of the nature of the Hebrew Feasts (Appointed Times/Moedim) and one Feast in particular. To understand Yeshua's statement from Mark 13:32, we have to understand the Feast which the Torah calls "Yom Teruah", meaning "Day of Blowing/Shouting/Trumpets". Most Jews (minus the Karaites) call it "Rosh HaShanah". It is the only Feast Day appearing at the beginning of a biblical month, where "no man knows the day or hour" because no man knows when the New Moon will be sighted to determine the month. Thus no one knows the exact day of the 7th Trumpet (Revelation 11:15). Yet we do know that it will be on a Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) and many researchers are making various findings that point to a particular one.

"God wants us to look at the biblical calendar," says Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Wash. "The reason we need to be watching is [because] He will signal His appearance. But we have to know what to be watching as well. So we need to be watching the biblical holidays."

First, what is a Shmittah (Shmita) year? Ancient Israel's biblical-agricultural calendar was based upon seven year cycles. It is what the the 49/50 year Yovel (Jubilee) is based upon, where the compulsory return of all property to its original owners is required. There is some reason to believe that 2015-2016 (or 2016-2017) period will be a Shmittah year with major astronomical events appearing on Festival Days (i.e. Passover and Tabernacles). See the recent video at Prophecy in the News as reported at WorldNetDaily.

Tim McHide's [Correction: Tim McHyde's] recent book Know the Future connects a similar date for the 7th Trumpet (2016/2017), but only if next year's Sabbath year (2009/2010) closely coincides with a prerequisite nuclear war in the Middle East.

[Update from Tim McHyde: "...I don't see Psalm 83's Arab-Muslim alliance anywhere near taking shape yet which I conclude has to happen before the tribulation. I also don't see Iran anywhere near a nuclear arsenal given that even Israel's latest aggressive estimate is they could have a single nuke in three years. Since this war has to happen at the latest in three years, we ought to see things happening now to directly bring it about, which we don't. This rules out the 70th week for 2009-2016 and makes 2016-2023 the next possibility." 02-11-2008, 11:12 AM] Updated: 5/16/2008 after finding Tim's comment on his private forum.

Michael Rood's timeline calendar also emphasizes the period of 2009/2010 and 2016/2017 as a Shmittah cycle with the Last Trumpet speculated to occur on 6017 (2017).

It would seem יהוה is confirming very similar dates by His Watchmen, Teachers, and Shepherds. These are fascinating times to live. I suppose we will know for sure once the hecklers are silenced... just as in the days of Noah.

Shalom Aleichem... may יהוה be with You!

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  1. hello friends

    Creation started 4004 bc

    CHRIST came 4000 years after creation in 4bc

    so the year 1996 was the year 6000

    so way the delay?

    because CHRIST could work for HIS FATHER just when HE was 12 years old so this 12 years were puted after the 2000 years that run over so we are now in the 6012, so after this 12 years added just the 7 years of tribulation are to be added. so CHRIST returns in 6019 or 2015.

    as psalm 90 says a generation is over after 70 years when it comes up it goes to 80 years

    so from 1948 to 2018 are 70years because time will be shortened from 2018 to 2015 so this is also true, that time will be shortened by 3 years.

    best regards



  2. Your answers are all here, God Bless.

  3. I guess we’ll know if your projected timeline is correct in another year or two, huh? (=

    Thanks for sharing the link.

  4. from my research utilising embolismal years based on the metonic cycle and overlaying Daniel’s 70 week prophecy I find that only the years 2011, 2014, 2016, 2019, 2022, 2024, 2027, 2030, 2033, 2035, 2038, 2041, 2043 contain 86 moons or 2550 days when the 7 years starts in any of these years. In refining the list I then viewed that the 70th Jubilee year from when the Israelites entered the Promised Land ends in 2045 (Abib reckoning).
    Then I looked at the Sabbath year cycle and found that only 2016, 2030 and 2037 fitted these years (in my view – the start of the 70th week or week of years)where the 7 year period could be contained within the 70th Jubilee. Next I remembered that “for the elect’s sake the days will be cut short…” and this caused me to focus on 2016 and 2030 only.
    It is entirely possible that Pres. Obama will be the one to bring in the Antichrist after WW3 when the peace agreement is made with Israel; this fits within his 2nd term. Having just received the Nobel Peace prize (astonishingly recommended 2 weeks into presidency at the deadline for nominations!!!) and heavily promoted by Kissinger (leading light of Illuminati) this guy could be mandated to bring about the New World Order and the EU could be led by Tony Blair as president to fulfill prophecy concerning UK/US and king of the north defeating king of the south.
    Please challenge and verify everything I have written here and happy to correspond with like minded “Watchmen”. I dont care who unlocks the mystery I just want to know and promote it to others as God’s Truth

  5. Shalom to all who love truth! Yahweh told Noah, “My Spirit will not always strive with man, yet his days will be 120 years.” Not only was this the time Noah took to build the ark. It seems to also point to Yahweh’s Jubilee Calendar. (i.e. 40 x 50 Jubilee years = 6000 years, 120 Jubilee years) I have been hoping for Yahshua to come since 1968 and I believe that it is very near! If we can know the year of Jubilee during Yahshua’s life, we can possibly add 2000 years to it to have the year of His Return (unless He cuts the time short for the elect’s sake.) Facts to consider: Yahshua may have been born 3 or 2 B.C. and died in 31 A.D. His 12th year (mentioned in the Bible) may be very important and we are very close to that. Ezekiel 38 & 39 can happen at any time because they DO have the weapons! The Bush Sr. White House (under the Vatican) has been in power since 1981 (since the wounding of Reagan.) Search “Bush Nazi Family Connections”. “The Mark of the Beast” has been with us for a very long time! The #666 in the Greek Diaglott for Revelation 13:18 has a cross (X) and the name “Jesus Christ” (in Greek symbols). These are The Mark of the Image (Idol) of the Beast (Vatican power). Those who are sealed with the Names of the Father (Yahweh) and His Son (Yahshua) survive to see Yahshua come, Revelation 14:1. HalleluYah! This ancient Hebrew word means “Praise ye Yah”.

  6. 2016 is seven sevens after the going forth of the command to restore or rebuild Jerusalem. Remember, the UN in 1947/48 did not give the command to rebuild Jerusalem. They only gave Jews some of the surrounding land. Daniel’s prophecy deals with the city of Jerusalem. In 1967 Israel, with God’s help, or vise versa, took the city of Jerusalem and began rebuilding it. Daniel tells us the Messiah will come then, after the seven sevens.

  7. If anyone is in contact with Phil Heaton, can you have him contact me? My email is on my blog site:

  8. The scriptures have been fulfilled in me.Tribulation began december 2009.Judgment runs 7 years.

  9. The Jubilee year is to be announced (ahead of time) on the Day of Atonement, months before it actually begins, the following Abib 1, during the land sabbatic year “49″. Christ did this after He was baptized of John and spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness, fasting. Then He went into the synagogue and read from Isaiah. Read what He said about the announcement of the “acceptable year of the Lord”, and what it was to set free. This had to be on Atonement, before John was beheaded, His disciples chosen and He began His earthly ministry: Luke 4:18-19.

    Now, the Day of Atonement annoucement has to be BEFORE (not during) Jubilee begins, to give TIME for keeping the Feast of Tabernacles, returning home (not to plant, but to MOVE in or OUT of a property, with all belongings, etc., that must return to its rightful owner the following Spring, at Jubilee. I just moved into another state, a matter of 350 miles, at age 60 all by myself, week after week, and it took me a YEAR to do this. Imagine how long it would take YOU to move off a property that you had lived in from 49 to 2 years give-or-take a few, furniture, cars, family, have a sale of goods, etc. The ANNOUNCEMENT of Jubilee has to be MONTHS in advance of the Jubilee beginning in Abib, following Atonement. Add “50 to that first year of Christ’s ministry and you come to another Jubilee, every 50 years, to our time. Think about it….Then do some more math and recall that Josephus said it was land sabbatic when Jerusalem fell in 70AD.

    Well, figuring Abib to Abib, that sabbatic had to have began Abib 69 AD, a few weeks before the Priest went into the Temple on Pentecost and heard a voice say, “Let us remove hence”, as Josephus records.

    Then during the Summer of 70 AD, the old store had already been eaten, no planting occurs during wartime in 70AD, and so there was starvation, destruction of agricultural fields because of war, and Jerusalem fell in the Summer that followed land sabbatic. Add some “50s” to that and we have the Sabbatic Abib 2012-13. (I’m just suggesting…not predicting…)

  10. I have read all your thoughs above.I have read Tim McHydes book(know the future).I have read all kinds of theories about dates.Jesus tells us to watch and be ready. Israel is negotiating with Syria to give up the Golan Heights in exchange for peace. When they say peace and safety destruction comes upon them suddenly. The UN is planning on recognizing a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as it’s capital. Barack Obama has already told Benjamin Natenyaho that we will not veto it.Every nation will turn against Israel.You who bless Israel will be blessed and you who curse Israel will be cursed. Obama will bring a very large curse on America when we abadon Israel.Israel will inherit the wealth of their neighbors. When these things happen the destruction of the mysterious Babylon is at the door. The woman who rides the beast will be burned with fire from 10 kings. If you are in the mysterious Babylon flee.Revelations and Jeramiah both tell God’s people to flee.Return to Israel-the wilderness.BUT MORE IMPORTANT…NOW….REPENT….DAILY….FORGIVE. If you do not forgive everyone who has hurt you,your father in heaven will not forgive you for your sins.Jesus is returning for a bride that is spotless and cleaned up.Fill your lamps with oil and let your light shine so all will see Christ in you,and maybe be saved.The dates are not as important as being ready.We may already be 2 years into the last 7. God Bless You All

  11. Thank you, Mr. Britton for the update on political affairs as they currently stand. I do wonder, however, how it is possible that we may well be in the tribulation years, if the rapture, as stated by Paul in 1 Thesolonians has yet to take place?

    “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

  12. As I started studying prophecy about 15 years ago,I read 52 different books on prophecy. I realized for the people who believe in a rapture,a 7 year tribulation,a 3.5 year Great Tribulation,a physical return of christ at Armageddon, and a thousand years of Christ ruling here on earth,there were 4 different models. This tells me at least three of them and possibly 4 of them are wrong. The 4 models are the pretribulation rapture,the midtrib rapture,the prewrath rapture and the post trib rapture. The most popular one is the pretrib rapture of course because it involves the least suffering for God’s people. I want a pretrib rapture.However I wanted to know what God’s word said about it.I sat down with my Bible a list of the pro’s and cons of each view.I prayed and asked God for discernment. My conclusions are my belief. That and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. I believe the prewrath rapture fits the Holy scripture the best. I may be wrong.Regardless of when the general rapture for the church happens anyone of us could die any minute,and then it’s the rapture for us. We need to always be ready.The prewrath rapture places the rapture after the 7 seals and the first 6 trumpets. At the 7th(and last trumpet),there is an earth quake,a voice in heaven says come up hither.The two witnesses who have been laying dead for three days suddenly come alive and ascend up into heaven. John tells us now is the time for the mystery of God to be revealed.Paul tells us about the mystery of God and then describes the rapture.He tells us it is at the last trump.At the 7th trumpet it is now the time for the nations of the earth to become the nations of God.It is now time to reward God’s people in heaven(the rapture just happened )and now is the time for God to bring HIS wrath on those who have destroyed the earth.-thus a prewrath rapture. The bowl judgements are God’s judgments and wrath. We are not destined to experience or see God’s wrath because we are in heaven,(at the Bema seat judgment and then the marriage supper of the lamb)A marriage celebration is 7 days. The seals are Satan’s wrath.When Satan and the fallen Angels are kicked out of heaven,woe to the earth because Satan’s wrath is very Great and he has but a short time.God allows Satan and his dominions to attack us,test us,just as he did with Job. Our faith is tried as through fire.Jesus says AFTER the tribulation of those days he will send his Angels from the four corners of the earth to gather the elect.Jesus in the parable of the wheat and the tares tells us that the tares will be burned first,AND THEN THE WHEAT WILL BE GATHERED TOGETHER AND PUT INTO THE BARN. The pretrib rapture teaches that the wheat is gathered first and then put into the barn.Who has it right?Jesus or modern bible teachers?John in I believe it’s the 20th chapter of revelations sees the souls who died for their faith,did not worship the beast or the image of the beast or take the number of the beast. And these are of the FIRST resurrection. How can these people die for not taking the number of the beast or worshipping the beast if they were raptured 3.5 years earlier?Or with the mid trib rapture when the antichrist is first being revealed. The church has to be here on earth for the antichrist to make war with the saints for 1260 days! He who restrains Satan and is taken away is not the church as the pretrib people teach. The church is the bride of Christ. It is in the feminine. The He is Michael the arch angel who has been restraing lucifer(satan) until God gives the orders,opens the seals,and let’s Satan have his way with us until the predetermined number of saints which are to be killed is accomplished.We see the saints under the throne of God asking how much longer is God going to allow this?Until the number which are to be killed is accomplished. Now if you don’t like what I wrote,fine.I am only a man.We all see dimly as through cut glass. Do as the Bible says. Study the scripture daily to see if what you have been taught is true. Study it line upon line,precept upon precept,here a little.there a little. Before you study ask God to send his Holy spirit to teach you.I would recommend using The King James Bible along with a good concordance. There are many other good translations but it’s not what’s in the other translations,that is all good. Frequently there is a lot taken out of scripture. We are not to add or remove not even one dot from scripture. Since the King James was the English translation for290 years or so I have to believe it is a good translation. God promises he will protect his word forever.The people from 1616 to 1900 had to have a good translation or God would not have been keeping his promise to protect his word forever. Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. If you don’t agree with me fine. Just live in love with your brethern,clean yourself up,forgive one another,show yourself approved……THE KING IS COMING!……soon.

    Your Brother in Christ

  13. ps

    Since I wrote the peice three above we have gone from 92 to 110 nations out of the 192 nations in the United Nations who have official recognized a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as it’s capital.Things are changing quickly.Barack has come out publicly calling for Israel to give all the land she won in the 1967 war back along with part of Jerusalem for a Palestinian state. He believes this will assure peace.Is he NUTS? Did it assure peace in 1948 when the arabs attacked Israel? Did it give them peace when the Arabs attacked again in 1955? How about when the Arabs attacked in 1967? They say to the cameras they want peace.Hamas at least doesn’t lie. They loudly proclaim that they will only be happy when Israel is driven into the sea. This is a peace partner? Is Barack and the majority of the world nuts?Or do they just want to kill all the jews and keep all the oil?Satan and his dominions are at work already in the world.Evil men sit behind closed doors making their plans,and God sits in the heavens and laughs at them in deresion because he knows their plans will not work. Even though every country will eventually turn their back on Israel,even the mysterious Babylon,God will not turn his back on Israel. He will fight for her. Not because she deserves it,she doesn.t,but because God always has and always will keep his promises. He will keep his promises to Abraham,Issac,and Jacob. He will keep his promises to us. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will be with us until the end of the world(or age-depending on your translation). He who ENDURS until the end ,the same shall be saved.It’s kind of hard to endure if we’re in heaven.

  14. 2nd Thessalonians:2:1-4
    “Now we beseech you,brethern,by the coming of our lord Jesus Christ,and by our gathering together unto him,”(This is the rapture Paul is talking about)”That ye be not soon shaken in mind,or be troubled,neither by spirit,nor by word,nor by letter from us,as that the day of Christ is at hand.Let no man decieve you by any means:for that day”(what day?The day of the rapture-see above)”shall not come,except there come a falling away first,(concordance word 646-apostasia-defection from the truth,falling away,or forsake-In other words there will be fall teaching in the churches)’AND THAT MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED”(what man will be revealed?The antichrist!How will he be revealed?Let’s read on.)”the son of perdition;(yep-the antichrist)’Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,or that is worshipped;so that HE as God sitteth in the temple of God,showing himself that he is God,” This is the abonimation of desolation that happens at the mid point of the 7 year tribulation period. Paul has just told that our gathering together to him(the rapture) will not occur until after the abonimation of desolation is done. Scripture here clearly contradicts a pretrib or mid trib rapture.

  15. By the way it’s after 6pm on May. 21st I’m still here.I don’t think the rapture happened.Smile!

  16. Okay, apparently the second coming will occur somewhere between Sept 21-24 in 2015. The blood moon tetrads are marking off 1. recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel (1950) 2. command to restore Jerusalem to the Jews (1967) and 3. the manifestation of New Jerusalem (2015). It turns out that in Chapter 10 of Observations, Sir Isaac Newton successfully predicted 1. The Balfour Declaration (friendly kingdom preceding the return), 2. May 14, 1948, End of British Mandate, Britain withdraws giving occasion to it, 3. June 7, 1967, the command to restore Jerusalem given by Moshe Dayan. According to Newton (who seems to be using the bible to predict reality centuries before it occurs) there are then “seven sevens” until the second coming. Counting by 360-day years (of which Newton defines seven sevens as prophetically equivalent to 49 years) beginning at the command to restore Jerusalem to “its old inhabitants” given by Moshe Dayan June 7, 1967 brings an end date of Sept 23, 2015.

    So, Isaac Newton is predicting the future history of a non-existent nation, and his predictions are coming true during times of blood moon tetrads aligning with the holy days with a count beginning with a command to restore Jerusalem during blood moon tetrads aligning with the holy days and ending with the Day of Atonement during blood moon tetrads aligning with the holy days. Marking off exactly ONE Jubilee cycle.

    look at my site for more info, feel free to contact, beware TEVET 10, and good luck with the final exam!

  17. Hello Rick Britton, You seem like a very reasonable chosen one. Im just curious if you believe that God is gonna really fight for the millions of isreal jews who persistantly control, manipulate and force others against their will . Not to mention the jews who sell organs illegally ? Ive heard about those who have such high pride in believing they are better or more deserving then others. Such as those who believe they are {the chosen ones}. Its seems in history when ones pride is at its top there is only one way left to go…..down !! It seems the proper way may be to balance this world once again is to chop their pride at the knees and bring them back to reality, would you agree? Its amazing to watch those around me who believe this world owes them something or that any land on mother earth belongs to any human being. Talk about being lost. Wow. Now let me show you my gentile pride. Come the blood moon day of april 4 2015 I shall turn 49 years of human age. It is the day of my birth. And in a funny way I would love to see the expression on your face come that day. Yes I can say I have jewish blood in my veins but of course not a chosen one in many jewish eyes because my great grandmother was not the jewish one. Yes my friend perhaps peace shall come when all their prides get chopped down hard to a equal size!!……take care my friend …have a great day as well as night !!…………The {Neutral} Fool !!

  18. The Lord Jesus appeared to me in 2010, warning me of things to come. He told me the Tribulation was to begin on the Tenth of TEVET that year, which fell on December 17, 2010. The thief is doing exactly what he said he would do. The seals begin to be opened in the Second Watch (we are now in the First Watch, which ends in May, 2012). You can see the Lord’s divine clock at my website,, or at my YouTube channel, which is linked from the website.

  19. Shalom,

    1967 (Jubilee year) Jerusalem given back to Israel on 7 June 1967

    49 years * 360 profetic days = 17640 Days.

    7 June 1967 + 17640 days = 23 September 2015 (Yom Kippur)

    The Day of the Lord, you want more?


  20. Dear brother and sisters!

    Yes, Jesus come back at Yom Kippur 2015, on 23./24. October 2015! This date is right, but it is “only” a time-prophecy, but there is no special messeage in.
    So there is another study, which confirms also this return of Jesus Christ on that day, but with a message of repentance and reversal, als written in Relevation 18:1-3, which will enligthen the whole earth in the last 3 years!

    Please come and study it too! Read

    Thank you and give the Holy Spirit the possibility to change your character (Rom 12:1).

  21. Doesn’t the 7th trumpet sound DURING the Tribulation, in fact, nearly halfway through it? That means the Tribulation is about to start, or has it already started?

  22. The key to understanding the return of Jesus is the parable of the fig tree. Matthew 24:32. This parable is in Matthew Mark and Luke. We are given a time period of a generation which is forty years from when the fig tree will become tender and grow.
    This parable refers to the world wide growth of the Messianic Jewish Church which believes in Jesus. Remember Jesus cursed the fig tree since it bore no fruit. (the Jewish church at that time) Joel 2:32 prophecy refers to the fruit bearing fig tree which is the parable of the fig tree. This occurred in 1975 exactly 30 years after the finish of WWII.
    Again this was stated in Joel 2:18.
    Thus I expect based on the Bible from the parable of the fig tree we are shown the season when summer is near (1975). Thus 40 years after 1975 = 2015.
    Those who believe in the Bible and read and follow Rev 14:12 will see the tree of life. Matthew 7:21-29 must be read and understood. Matthew 5:19 is a key verse to those who follow Jesus as stated in Rev 14:12.
    Jesus warns in Matthew 7:13 that only a few will find the truth of His words since in Matthew 7:15 the world is full of false prophets which in Rev 16:13-14 they are spirits of demons who teach deception.
    It is not too late to repent and follow the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy. Jesus said in Matthew 4:17 repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. That means we must confess our sins, turn away from sin in order to become righteous in the sight of God in order to receive His grace to forgive our sins.
    False prophets teach that Jesus died to take our sin from us. The Bible does not teach that. Read Romans 6.
    Unless we humble ourselves before God we cannot receive eternal salvation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Time is very short.
    Unless we read, understand and keep the prophecy of the Bible Rev 22:7 we will be lost for eternity. This is not eternal punishment by fire but simply means eternal death as our punishment for sin by returning to dust from which we were formed.

  23. Hi, The GREAT TRIB is already in place, It started when Constantine made Christianism.
    Christianism is none other than Babylon.The great Abomination of Desolation is the great delusion YHWH put in people’s hearts. They created a Semi God named JesusH Christ(a False MESSIAH) who abolished The Law(Torah)LAWLESS ONES.

    Say is a God incarnate when The shema Clearly says YHWH is ONE. He is no Man He is Spirit, can not be tempted or tempt anyone.
    Whoever placed The false image of the Beast Jeus hchrist in their hearts is guilty of abomination.An will die in sin because he has no passover Lamb to cover his sins.
    Yahshua son Of man(Yahseph and Miriam) descendant from the House Of Zadok.
    To be the ultimate High priest You have to come from the House of Zadok AAron through Eleazar.If No Human Messiah not The true Messiah.

  24. Jesus is one with the Father, Jesus is the passover lamb, he is the creator of all things and he is true, honestly no doubt about it, seen him

  25. It’s nice to see that others are on the same page. But, Don’t forget that Psalms 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 need to occur so Israel will have seven (7) years of peace. They will come most likely close together, one right after the other. Similar to the Palestinian-Israeli Civil War and then the Arab War (1947 & 1948-1949). The end of the jealousy of Idumea and the Gog-Magog conflicts will begin the seven (7) years of peace for Israel. The possibility is good that the seven (7) years of peace will involve the building of the 3rd Temple during the first 3.5 years. The last 3.5 years may lead to the desecration of the Temple or the end of the first half of the Tribulation period.

    Remember that we could now be in a prophetic period of Shemitah, beginning on 9/11/2001. Taken together the Tetrads, Shemitah, years of Jubilees and the prophesy in Matt 24:37, as it was in the days of Noah (beginning in 1897) and the miracle of the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948, we are well on our way. Also, Israel has been in the land 70 years as of 2018. We may also be in our 121st year of Jubilees or 6001 by the Creation Calendar. We have only 6000 to return to the Lord as it was at Creation. Something to think about.

  26. You want the answers to things you don’t know. Check with the devil.
    The devil knows when the jubilee year(s) take place. The last Jubilee year…
    1973. Before that…1923. Why do I say that? In 1923, on the 19th of Tishrei, the League of Nations ratified the British Mandate for Palestine, officially giving the Land of Palestine to the British for the sake of establishing a homeland for the Jews. On the Last day of that Mandate in 1948, Israel was born. You are looking at the wrong document (when you look at the Balfour declaration), the 1923 mandate put into writing what the 1917 declaration only hoped for. Now look at 1973, the Egyptians and Syrians, under Satan’s guiding hand gathered against the nation of Israel, the Yom Kippur War, to destroy them, because he the Jubilee trumpet was about to sound. It did while all the Israeli soldiers were in Synagogue during the day of the Jubilee, Yom Kippur. The next Jubilee, will be celebrated under like circumstances, except this time it will be the Battle of Armageggon, in the year 2023. Therefore 2016 will mark the start of the final 7 years, when the sacrifices resume.

  27. My testimony is that the “Elijah” of ( Mal.4:5 ) has already come & gone!
    Check out William M. Branham. John the Baptist could not have been this Prophet.
    The World never burned, after his ministry! ( He was to introduce the Messiah.)
    He claimed to be ( Mal. 3: ) My testimony is Mal.4:5 was to restore the Church, back to the Fathers. John the Baptist would have been restoring them back to the law, if he restored back to the Fathers. Pull up the Voice of God on internet & hear his tapes, that’s been going around the world.

  28. My name is Yunus, me and my two colleagues, Rev. Jopie Rattu Ph.D. and Mr. Sridadi Atyanto, Ph.D. are studying the endtimes subject and have published some writings that can be found and freely download at
    We are thankful to our Lord Jesus to have discovered many things, some of which are: the fulfillment of 4 Jewish holy days, which is the feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, feast of Tabernacles and Hanukkah that occur precisely on the holy days with the same meaning. Other than that, we are also surprised that our timeline of the End of Times have the same sequence as was explained by Jesus Christ, all in the gospel Mathew, Mark, or Luke.
    Soli Deo Gloria.

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