S. D. Rockefeller and Kinti Mining to help Rebuild 3rd Jewish Temple (Scam?)

IMPORTANT UPDATE (2/3/2010): Temple Institute Denies "Supriem Rockefeller" Links

Source: MarketWire - Kinti Mining Lmtd.'s (KMLD) Announces Supriem David Rockefeller and the Rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple in Addition to Frank Love Commencing the "Temple Now Project"

LEXINGTON, MISSISSIPPI--(Marketwire - Jan. 29, 2010) - Kinti Holdings Group (KMLD) (OTCBB:KMLD) President, Frank Love, and Director Supriem David Rockefeller, states the following, "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict coordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Hiam Richman and The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC) and supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine. Prince Husam Bajis and the PNIC support our mission to build the Temple and to create a One Israel-Palestine state.

About Kinti Holdings Group. We are a division of Kinti Mining Lmtd. that is publicly traded under ticker symbol (KMLD). Our corporation has 50 Million shares Authorized, issued and outstanding, with approximately 80% being held tight within the corporation and its friendly stakeholders.

Please visit our website ( for our disclaimer and links to the "Temple Now Project" and Temple Institute.

SOURCE: Kinti Mining Ltd.

Kinti Holdings Group
Frank Love

Hanok's Comments:
Cyrus, Darius, and Herod helped rebuild and expand the 2nd Temple. A 'Rothschild' helped build the modern Israeli Knesset building.  Why not have a 'Rockefeller' help build the 3rd Temple?

Are all those perfect examples of "the wealth of the wicked laid up for the righteous" (Proverbs 13:22)?

Even if wicked individuals give to something good, that doesn't necessarily mean that the something good has become wicked, nor does it mean the wicked have redeemed themselves with a gift.

Note:  This is apparently NOT "the David Rockefeller Sr" and I'm not yet certain if Supriem David Rockefeller is even related to the infamous banking family.

Mainstream sources spreading the recent (fictitious?) press release:

IF this is not an elaborate hoax or just a publicity scheme, it is just one more exciting proof of the times we now live. Yet, how the Temple itself will be used initially and eventually...  are different concerns entirely.

A hopeful, but jaded skeptic,
Hanok ben Isaak

IMPORTANT UPDATE (2/3/2010): Temple Institute Denies "Supriem Rockefeller" Links