VIDEO: Protocols of Zion (2005)

For years I've wondered how a large population of the world would again generate enough hatred to allow for or desire another "Jewish" Holocaust. Protocols of Zion is a documentary which reveals a rapidly growing under-current of Anti-Judaism and Anti-Zionism in the world today. This under-current has been present for centuries, but after 9-11, it has become more frequently a very real and very popular public-current.

A growing number of sheeple in the world actually believe "the Jews caused the 9-11 attacks, no Jews died in 9-11, and the Jews rule the world by proxy". This documentary does an impressive job reconnecting the modern phenomenon with the Nazi ideology largely derived from a one hundred year old forgery known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was one of the stimuli for Hitler's extermination of Jew-dah. The German youth believed it because they wanted to believe it... the same way they, the youth, want to believe the same lies today. Mankind has an ancient affinity for finding a scapegoat to lay the blame of their own ills. So as the world economies spiral into collapse as they did before WWII, expect the new Beast to convince the world to again point their fingers at Jew-dah. Yet, this time Ephraim (House of Joseph) will also be on the receiving end of the Beast's rage which is described in the book of Revelation.

All the chess pieces are moving into place and they all have an eye on Zion. I strongly encourage every Jew and Joe (Ephraimite) to watch the Protocols of Zion (2005).

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