VIDEO: More Aviv Barley Found 3/16/2010, New Moon Not Sighted from Israel

Original Source: Karaite Korner News (Yahoo Group)

Karaite Korner Newsletter #453

More Aviv Barley Found, Moon Not Sighted

We looked for the moon from Israel tonight (Mar 16) but did not sight it. With only 0.77% of the illuminated portion of the moon facing earth, visibility was not expected from Israel and our attempted observations confirmed this. Tomorrow evening (Mar 17) will be New Moon Day by default, although we will still carry out observations to confirm its visibility from Israel.

Earlier today we found more Aviv barley, this time in the Northern Negev at three locations in the vicinities of Tel Gama, Nachal Oz, and Kibbutz Erez. Samples of the barley were 80-100% Aviv at the various locations. I have posted two videos taken of the field near Kibbutz Erez on Youtube:

YouTube Aviv Barley Near Kibbutz Erez (1) 3-16-2010

YouTube Aviv Barley Near Kibbutz Erez (2) 3-16-2010

I have also posted photos of Aviv at the three locations on the Karaite Korner website at:

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

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  1. Dear all,

    Greetings in the Matchless Love of YahShua!

    Almost all Messianics and Christians understand the original land grant given to Avraham and thus Israel is from the Nile River (in present day Egypt) all the way to the Euphrates (in present day Iraq).

    In the time of Solomon, this Kingdom stretched nearly this far, including all the many tribute nations that allied themselves to Israel.

    When the barley was declared “aviv”, according to Torah, Leviticus 23:10 states”

    “Speak to the Sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When you enter the Land which I am going to give to you and harvest its harvest, then you shall bring in the sheaf of the first fruits of your harvest to the (High) Priest’” (Lev. 23:10).

    Now, how long would it take farmers to both harvest their fields and bring up their respective first sheaves for the Feast?

    Well, harvesting with scythes and ploughs would more than likely take a number of days. Travel time from the farthest reaches to Jerusalem, could take, by walking, 4 months, but by camel or horses (certainly the Israelis were wealthy in the time of Solomon and had all the luxuries of fast speed in steeds) would take at least a few weeks.

    The “aviv” barley declared by Gordon is a deception of ha Satan.

    The farmers of Israel could not make it up for the Feast by the end of March if it was just reaching aviv on 3/12. Not possible.

    The JEWISH FABLE FROM WICKED TALMUD — states the high priest just goes out and gathers the first shocks near Jerusalem.

    But THE WRITTEN TORAH OF MOSES — states that this is NOT the case.

    Will you follow jewish fables and talmud as Michael Rood and his YahShua-hating Kararite friend lead you astray?

    Or will you follow the TORAH OF MOSHE as revealed by Yah’s Ruach ha Kadosh?

    The choice is yours.

    In Messiah and by His Torah,

  2. Daniel the firebrand,
    You obviously think the New Moon/Aviv Barley method is faulty. What is your alternative solution?

    The Torah permits those “afar” to do two things for Passover/Unleavened Bread.

    • They can wait to make the journey on the second month (Numbers 9:9-13).
    • They can also sell their offerings locally (so they don’t have to travel with it) and then travel with coin to the Place of the Name, Jerusalem (Deuteronomy 14:22-26). יהוה obviously understood the agricultural/distance ramifications.

    Last year I wrote an article titled: Do Karaites depend on “Oral Torah” to understand “the Abib” (Aviv)?. The understanding of how this practice should work doesn’t depend upon Talmud.

    Still interested in what your alternative solution is… instead of what that “Yahshua-hating Karaite” proposes.

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