VIDEO: Jewish DNA – The Kohanim Gene and the Lost Tribes of Israel

Video excerpt from a lecture by Jon Entine (author of Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People) discussing the Kohanim (Cohanim) Gene, also known as the Y chromosomal Aaron hypothesis and how it can help us establish the truth or fiction behind the ten lost tribes of Israel, discussing such groups as Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba tribe of southern Africa. In 2007, Entine published Abraham's Children, which examined the shared ancestry of Jews, Christians and Muslims, and addressed the question "Who is a Jew?" as seen through the prism of DNA. In the lecture, he also reviews the controversial issue of why Ashkenazi Jews (in particular) are disproportionately successful, proven to have higher IQ scores on average, but also higher incidence of specific diseases.

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The author of the highly acclaimed and controversial book, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It, investigative journalist Jon Entine, in his new book Abraham's Children, attempts to answer new taboo topics, such as: Did Moses really live? What was the real fate of the Lost Tribes? How did the advent of Christianity change the DNA of humanity, and why Jews — the tiniest fraction of the world's population — score highest on intelligence tests and hold so many Nobel Prizes, why there are disproportionately so many more Jewish lawyers and doctors, and what the answers to such questions tell us about human nature and nurture. Entine vividly brings to life the profound human implications of the Age of Genetics, retelling the story of the Bible through the prism of DNA, while illuminating one of today's most controversial topics: the connection between genetics and identity. The focus of genome research has shifted from our shared humanity to human differences, and we are now confronted with questions once considered taboo.

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  1. there is actually a lot of controversy regarding the genetic testing of Kohanim. the most popular service 23andme will not do it. also many poskim state that kohanim today are not real kohanim.


  2. 23andMe is certainly not the most popular… or they would have a much larger databank of testees. FamilyTreeDNA, however, does by far have the largest database… and is the most popular, especially in regards to genealogy.

    When Ezekiel’s Temple is built and the function of the Levitical Kohanim is re-instated… I have some serious doubts that the current poskim rulings are going to be legitimized… but of course, that is my Karaite-influenced opinion. =)

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