AUDIO: Jim Staley on God’s Learning Channel (6-3-2009)

In the audio below, Jim Staley ( of Passion for Truth Ministries) gives his personal testimony and delivers a fantastic teaching on the need for "the Church" to audit itself.

Source: (6/3/2009)

You can also watch the video from but depending on your internet bandwidth, it may download slowly.

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  1. Just a short message to say Hi and to let you know that I really enjoyed your program on GLC this past week.
    God willing I will send you another message when time permits and write to you about what I wanted to say but for now I am short for time I will look for your email on the web and send you a more added information.

    Let us help fill the world with JAH’s ‘Kavod’

  2. Jim Stanley’s website is here: Passion for Truth Ministries. I’m sure he would appreciate your input.


  3. I certainly did enjoy listening (and learning) to this mans story on GLC.
    He has an amazing history and I’m tahnkful he shared with those of us who are wanting to be Torah observant, follow the Messiah’s Feast and calender.
    For so long there was so much missing in my spiritual life, I’m now a Messianic Gentile.


  4. What a joke, go to the passion for truth website buy this, buy that, donate this. The guy wants your money and god speaks to him so you should give it to him.

  5. I find it interesting that Jared criticizes Passion for Truth for asking for a donation for all of their resource materials that are produced for the body of Messiah, as if money somehow grew on trees. Did you know that PFT sends out thousands of DVDs each year to people all over the world for FREE? Somehow, people get the idea that just because it is the word of God that is being preached through resource material, that it should be given away. How much was that bible that you purchased? Passion for Truth Ministries pulls ZERO profit at the end of the year as 100% of it goes back into the ministry. I suppose all Christian book stores are a joke as well and just after your money. Jared, with all due respect, you should speak little of what you know little about. If I was in this for the money, why would I leave a $400k job to make virtually nothing in the ministry?

  6. In defense of persons and ministries who occasionally sale Truth-based material, I wrote the following article: Should Teachers sell the Truth of YHVH or should the Truth be given away for “Free”?

    I do believe it is more noble and generous to give Truth away if possible (as PFT does), but I believe the verses used by some people to be madly misinterpreted in this area.

    Most people I know who are aware of PFT… very much appreciate your ministry, Jim. I pray the Father continues to guide and provide for whichever path He wants you to travel.


  7. I do believe that there are people in this world that find a way to discredit everything you do because it is in the name of God.
    Satan did it in the garden and he told Eve that go ahead and eat the fruit it is free and see what happened from there. You will be filled with the knowledge of good and evil. HMMMM!!!!

  8. If they could show me where Jesus or any of disciples sold anything in the name of the Lord I will believe all this order this and order that. It is all about fame and fortune with so many out there using the Lord’s name to promote themselves. It is always Read how so and so totally understands the scriptures as no one before him. Learn how he probed deep int he Bible where no man ever went before. Find out for the first time in 5000 years who really is Israel…and so on and so forth.
    Personally I do not care. All that matters to me is that Jesus did come to save all who believe in him. Nothing else needed.

  9. Nowhere in the teachings of Jesus are we told to do any of these things, nor are we told to believe anyone but Jesus and the apostles.
    Personally anyone besides the apostles is not even considered. After Revelation of Jesus Christ 22 God is done.

  10. Isaac’s Empire? Oh please!

  11. Who is Israel?
    Who cares?
    All I care about is who Jesus is. And he is my Savior. God made it clear to me to stay away from all these false teachers. I was saved 50 years ago.. and God did not need. nor did he ever use anything. but his words and the apostles writings to keep me.
    Jesus warned of all these false teachers and prophets who would come in the last days to deceive if possible the very elect.

  12. Jim Kitchens…people discredit themselves. ANYONE who in ANY way exalts himself with advertisements that he understands what others do not is false.
    Or that he has some secret door to God where only he can go.
    The Bible is the Book about Jesus Christ and no one else..
    Who cares who Israel “really” is and who cares if one has 10 degrees behind their name.
    I am so fed up with all these false teachers who have so-called revelations and then sell the so-called revelations.
    Their only prey is the Bible ignorant who believe them. I pray for my family and grandchildren to never, ever, ever go outside the teachings of Jesus and his apostles.
    The Bible contains all we need to know. And the Bible is to reveal one and that is Jesus Christ.

  13. I like the way you teach about the torah
    send me the following torah portion

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