“Gabriel’s Revelation” stone, revealing the resurrection of Ephraim, not Messiah!

Gabriel Stone

Gabriel's Revelation (also named Hazon Gabriel or the Vision of Gabriel) is a 3 ft tall tablet with 87 lines of Hebrew containing what appears to be a prophecy written in the first person and dated to the late First Century BCE. It is being hailed by some to be a "Dead Sea scroll in stone".

"The ink-on-stone document, which is owned by a Swiss-Israeli antiques collector and reportedly came to light about a decade ago, has been dated by manuscript and chemical experts to a period just before Jesus' birth. Some scholars think it may originally have been part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a trove of religious texts found in caves on the West Bank that were possibly associated with John the Baptist. The tablet is written in the form of an end-of-the-world prediction in the voice of the angel Gabriel; one line, for instance, predicts that 'in three days you will know evil will be defeated by justice.'" - Time/CNN

I read through the translation and repeatedly thought of "Ephraim" and his third day resurrection prophesied by Hosea (Chapter 6:2) and Ezekiel's "dry bones" (Chapter 37).

He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, that we may live before Him. - Hosea 6:2

He said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?" And I answered, "O Master יהוה, You know." - Ezekiel 37:3

The context of Hosea 6 points to Ephraim, the House of Joseph (10-Israel). In fact, the entire book of Hosea predominantly regards the Northern Kingdom and her spiritual adultery. And Hosea 6:2 plainly says Ephraim will be resurrected on the third day. It doesn't mention nor even allude to Messiah's resurrection. Messiah Yeshua was actually raised after the completion of three days and three nights of death. Ephraim, having been figuratively dead for 2,700 years, will likely be revived during the third day following his death as "a people" in 722 BC (note: interpreting a single day as a thousand years is common in Eschatology). We do not deny that Yeshua's death and resurrection will play an important part in Ephraim's redemption and revival, but Hosea 6:2 is simply giving us clues in the timing of Ephraim's eventual resurrection and Gabriel's Stone is likely alluding to the same.

Lines 80 and 81 of the tablet read something like "In three days, live, I Gabriel command you, (81) prince of the princes, the dung of the rocky crevices..."

Line 81 alone should indicate to any Christian and/or Messianic believer that Gabriel was not talking to or referring to Messiah Yeshua. Our Messiah was a pure Lamb, having nothing to do with dung, but the House of Joseph (Ephraim) was prophesied to be cast into the nations/goyim where he would become unclean (Hosea 9:3; Ezekiel 4:13) and later be hunted from "the crevices of the rocks" (Jeremiah 16:16). I'm surprised a Talmudic scholar like Israel Knohl didn't make the connection. To be completely honest, I think the temptation to use something like this to discredit Messiah Yeshua is too great for it to be interpreted in any different light. For the anti-missionary and/or Marxist-Atheist-Darwinist types, they find jubilation whenever they discover such "weapons" to use against Christians. Yet, if the majority of Christians were not ignorant of the Two-House reality, this particular archaeological discovery wouldn't be an easy weapon to employ against them.

Furthermore, line 22's "wicked branch, plastered white" could be pointing to the wild and crooked branch of Ephraim and the many nations (goyim) that descend from him, who have been "plastered white" after trusting in Messiah Yeshua as Savior.

I wouldn't be quite so dogmatic about my interpretation had the tablet not actually convicted "Ephraim" by NAME. Consider lines 16 and 17: "My servant David, ask of Ephraim, place the sign; I ask of you." Of course "my servant David" points to Messiah ben David, but it is Messiah who is to be a sign or ensign setup to draw Ephraim's goyim to return to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 11:10-11; Genesis 48:19).

Lines 19 through 21 "By three days you shall know...the evil has been broken before righteousness" could be referring to the three day sign of Jonah, which Yeshua's death was to represent, but it could also be describing the three days of Hosea 6:2, just as line 80 likely alludes to.

Personally, I find this tablet to be yet one more proof that Ephraim (10-Israel) had not rejoined the Jews in the Land by the First Century era, just as Flavius Joseph, R. Akiva, and R. Eliezer later confirm (see 10 Reasons the Jews are from Judah).

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  1. This stone had confounded me ever since I heard of it, but last night, I read Hosea 6:2 and I was like “duh!”. I don’t want to accuse Mr. Knohl of anything but I can’t help but feel some kind of agenda on his part. Also, had Jesus not come around yet, everyone would have immediately gone to Hosea 6:2 anyway.

  2. i haven’t read the translation of the stone but perhaps it could be a (not very accurate) prophecy about jesus ?

  3. israel knohl defiantly has an agenda, i watched a documentary about the Gabriel stone and he seemed like he opposed jesus and the belief that he was the son of God

  4. “(note: interpreting a single day as a thousand years is common in Eschatology).” Yes it is,even tho it was a figure of speech. One could just as easily said 10,000 yrs are as but a day or a watch in the night. For one that dwells in Eternity or is Eternity, there is no measurement. However, this is used constantly as a reference to how much time has elasped since creation. Using that formula then as a fact and not a figure of speech there would of been a span of 1000yrs between each day (note a day is not 24hrs but a period of time in Hebrew) of creation, which would of made the First Sabbath the 7th day 7000yrs. We are now coming upon or in the 14,000yr. One can’t pick and choose how they use this formula when its convenient, either it is or isn’t.

  5. why is it that the ‘RESURRECTION” somehow is a confirmation that Jesus was in fact Gods son. there are many references made by Jesus that anyone could easily hear Gods message and be as he was. is it such a stretch to believe that anyone could be resurrected as a normal course of gods plan. division is the only result netted by attaching undue significance to matter of fact proof that God is capable of anything for all men at any time.

  6. These various interpretations without a Prophet are why we have several thousand Christian religions and separate religious beliefs from Father Abraham.
    Jesus lived during the time of these writings. Why would they have written such a text and then Ephraim was scattered among the Gentiles?
    Let us see if there are other tablets, or lets see if even the technology can help with the remaining parts of the tablet.
    The story of Jesus is real and should not be dismissed so easily

  7. The References to (Hos 6:2) and (Eze 37:3) are a bit misleading. Yes, these very well may be references to Ephraim (the House of Israel) but there is also a relationship between Israel and her Messiah whereby the Messiah was also suppose to arch-type true covenant Israelites (For example, look in Daniel 2 about how the stone (Messiah) cut without hands became a great mountain (symbol for Israel)).

    I expect that just as the Messiah was to suffer (Isaiah 53), so Israel was to suffered when sent away in a bill of divorce (Isa 50:1)(Jer 3:8), also Isaiah’s ‘hedge of protection’ torn down (Isa 5:5).

    The ‘dry’ (meaning dead) bones in Eze 37 are the House of Israel ( Eze 37:11) but there is a parallel even here as this prophecy is also Messianic (Eze 37:24-25)

    There are parallelisms.

  8. I think you’ve got this wrong..Ephraim was not told he’d be “cast into the nations” and defiled by “goyim” but rather Israel BLESSED Ephraim above that of his brother, Manasseh..when you read the book of Revelation this SAME ANGEL gave the words to the apostle John while he was being peresecuted and exiled in Patmos.. Israel (Jacob) told his son, Joseph, that Ephraim was receiving a GREATER BLESSING because it is out of HIM multitudes out of many nations would be BROUGHT to faith and would be raised up .. as you read revelation it’s DAN’s seed who was cursed and cut off, not Ephraims and rather Ephraim was a TYPE of CHRIST in that it’s out of his seed multitudes …and if you read on in Revelation you will see that as John is looking into Heaven he sees men and women from every tribe, every kindred and tongue and nation who are worshiping around the THRONE OF GOD.. singing the SONG OF THE LAMB Who’s blood was shed to cleanse all who come to Him in faith. Not only the tribes born from ISraels’s sons but from every nation. Multitudes that could not be numbered..we too are children of ABRAHAM and ISRAEL

  9. It would probably be interesting to note that most members of ‘The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ consider themselves of the tribe of Ephraim (through patriarchal blessings), and do claim to have a living prophet to help clear up the confusion in doctrine (for Bill Davis). We accept more yet to be revealed to clear up past errors. signed LDS

  10. The stone says “My servant David, ask of Ephraim ..”

    That doesn’t imply that the Davidic servant would be of Ephraim, but was to address Ephriam.

    There is a hint of an agenda.

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