Q: Do you believe in a literal “Jerusalem ABOVE” (Paul, Galations 4) still? If so, WHY? If not, WHY?

Ezekiel's Temple

A: Rev 21:1-27 does indicate a Jerusalem/Tsiyon will come down from above after the old heaven and old earth have passed away. I can only assume the new Jerusalem will come down upon the physical/literal former Jerusalem/Tsiyon. There is no physical Temple in it, so... again... I can only assume that the people/assembly of YHVH will be living-stones (figuratively) patterned after the former Temple. Whether or not Ezekiel's Temple will still be present below it, I'm not sure. Will the former Jerusalem and Temple survive the cataclysm on the Earth? I simply do not know. Scripture doesn't seem to say specifically, from what I can recall.

Regarding Galatians 4:24, the author is clearly speaking allegorically about two covenant women. The author actually says he is speaking allegorically. He doesn't say the new Jerusalem itself is allegory. I think that is important to note. Much of Revelation is interpreted to be allegory and indeed some of it is, but the allegories are generally alluding to actual physical/literal future realities, in my view.

Hanok ben-Isaak

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  1. “Cast Out this Bondwoman” should not be applied to ‘this planet’ (which is now under an eternal curse UNTO it’s ‘heavens soon to be totally on fire’, therefore described as the future ‘lake of fire’ for ‘devil & his angels’). The application is about what lies ahead ABOVE (not to be applied here BELOW). There will be no Temple on this planet to replace what was destroyed thru God’s using Israel’s enemies to take them into captivity, then completely ‘scatter’ throughout entire globe! The ‘vacum’ in ‘Holy Land’ will remain, & Israel’s regathering of today will remain as that finale ‘stumbling stone’ (as was Jesus to ‘His own’ to begin with). It also cannot be ignored that Jesus said “the kingdom ‘OF HEAVEN’ has been suffering violence”(since days of JohnBaptist) AND THERE REMAINS BATTLES TO BE FOUGHT BY THE ELECT ‘IN THE HEAVENLIES’ (WHERE OBVIOUSLY ‘EZECKIEL’S TEMPLE’ EITHER EXISTS NOW, OR WILL BE BUILT FUTURE, WHEN THIS TINY BLUE MARBLE HAS ALL IT’S MOUNTAINS MELTED, BELOW 900 FT average WATER AGAIN COVERING THIS PLANET, AND IT’S HEAVENS ON FIRE, CREATING ‘LAKE OF FIRE’)

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