America, the Daughter of Babylon (book review)

Other than Tim McHyde, I've never read an author that viewed the United States of America as "Daughter Babylon". So when I saw the title of this one by Allen Bonck, I immediately purchased it and read it quickly on arrival.

America, the Daughter of Babylon by Allen Bonck (Amazon)

It was a good read, but not necessarily a great one. With more time, Bonck could have made it even more detailed and more compelling, but maybe brevity was his strategy. It is a fairly quick read... as well as clear and concise.

Mother? Ancient Babylon or Europa?

Bonck focuses alot of time on the Occultic/Religious connections between America and the original Babylonian Empire. Unlike myself, he makes no connection between America and who I perceive as the modern (and developing) "Mother Babylon", that is... Europa or the European Union (EU). The main driving force for me reading Bonck's book was a desire to find a confirming view on this specific point, but sadly none were forthcoming.

Bonck basically sees "Mother Babylon" as the ancient Babylonians who no longer exist as a cohesive and/or known modern people. My problem with this view: Jeremiah 50:12 indicates the Mother actually mourns her daughter's destruction. How can she mourn if she no longer exists? Conversely, Europa will certainly be hurt by America's end. On another note, the modern nation of Iraq would probably be more celebratory of America's destruction.

The Jeremiah 50-51 prophecy could simply be figurative, but I'm more and more intrigued how many prophecies we once perceived as allegorical... often turn out very literal once they manifest (this is particularly true of Revelation).

Will the mother of Daughter Babylon become a great Babylonian entity in her own right? This is yet to be seen fully, but it certainly appears that Europa is rapidly moving in that direction. For goodness sake, the EU's seat of power is contained within a building modeled after the Tower of Babel. Hhmmmmmm...

No Two-House Perspective
Bonck doesn't understand or accept the Two-House Reality, so in my view, his arguments are less compelling on some levels. The Mystery of Mystery Babylon is tightly interwoven with the reality that 10-Israel and Jew-dah are in her midst at her destruction (see Jeremiah 50:4). In fact, the End-Time Babylonians themselves are largely of Israelite origin (America and Europa), unlike the original Babylonians.

"America, the Daughter of Babylon" is a valuable read, especially for American Christians who are dismayed by what has become of their country. Unfortunately, only a remnant of them will realize who they are in the big picture and be accounted with those searching for Zion at Babylon's destruction as Jeremiah 50:4 depicts. This is because their loyalty is more attached to the Pride of America (Babylon) and less attached to the Will and Way of Heaven. A most unfortunate reality... for many will likely die in the process of fighting for that Pride.

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  1. With immigration to Israel being closed to
    non-jews, what can be done? Would it be a bad idea to join the United States military? Wouldn’t God give his people the hance to leave Babylon?
    Thank you, I enjoy your site and look forward to more genetic evidence on the ten tribes.

  2. People have alot of options right now… some more than others. Ultimately, those options are going to become fewer and fewer… and there are many prophetic implications that many Israelites will be held captive by the Adversary… and thus we’ll have yet another “let my people go” event. Historical precedents lead me to believe that YHVH raises up one or more Elders to lead His people out of captivity. So personally, I’m waiting for Eliyahu and the 144,000 sealed to come on the scene. We know America is becoming or already is Daughter Babylon, but that has been a process for many decades and could potentially go on for many more decades. We simply don’t know. Fleeing America 50 years ago would have been a bit premature. Fleeing now “may” be premature. A remnant certainly departs at or just before Babylon’s destruction.

    With all the false-flag operations that are so prevalent in America’s and Europe’s history, I would suggest not joining the military. If you’re already there, I would depart the service as soon as that option becomes available… unless of course you have a clear directive from Above to enter or to stay in that capacity. That is my personal opinion of course.

  3. “This is because their loyalty is more attached to the Pride of America (Babylon) and less attached to the Will and Way of Heaven. A most unfortunate reality… for many will likely die in the process of fighting for that Pride.”

    This is a most excellent phrase I have read in some time. I don’t think it occurs to some that the loyalty they have for this nation and its Constitution is too prideful nor do some realize it could be considered some sort of idol placed before G-d.

    I really enjoy your site !


  4. One of my sons is going into the Navy…US Navy. I anguished over this, not because I think the Navy is a ‘daughter of Babylon’ but because the politicians are the daughter of Babylon. My son is a young man who has never bowed the knee to Baal. He knows all about ‘christmas’ and ‘easter’ and he knows that right now he is trapped between two worlds. I am going to have to let him go into the Navy, because I see it as what the Lord will use. Where my son goes he has Yahweh’s protection, and that is what the US Navy needs….Yahweh’s protection. My son does not bow the knee to Baal, whether as a carpenter, or sailor, electrician, or grocery clerk, or sailor, or lawyer, or sailor…….(you get it). Yahweh says that when He sends His Messiah He (Messiah) will mount the House of Judah as His battlemount and ride forth to save the House of Joseph. In the book of revelation that looks kinda like ‘Yahushua on a white horse’. My son is truly of the House of Joseph. The Navy needs him. If I could I would do the same, not because of the pride of being an american, but because I do not bow the knee to baal and my Navy and my marines need me. They don’t know it because of the many false shepherds who have led them astray but I know it. The Lord has raised me up, like Eliyahu, to fight the baals. The Lord has raised you, like Eliyahu, to fight the baals. So fight them. Go to the commanders and make them understand their God…they will love you for it. These men and women are giving their lives for you, and no greater love hath any man than he should lay down his life for another. Give your life as well. Teach your children well……………

  5. Drop down to verse 11 ” Many nations will be joined with the Lord in that day….NOW LOOK….”MY PEOPLE”….then to paraphase he will send “ME”, meaning Christ,… I the Jews, in Isreal,….then choose Jerusalem, the place of ruling for the Messiah. Is the U.S. the Daughter of Babylon? Name a nation that has lived before false gods as the U.S.dose, are there any? We and our culture and finanial system, or goverment, live buy, consuming new material gods as often as we can. We are the “Greed is Good”, people. But Europe is there with us. The west is totally polluted, the blood of countless generations.. are on the hands of all the free peoples that allow abortion “termination of future generations” to take place. The west is stinky with rebellion against the The Creater Father.

  6. WTC Towers – The Seven Kings of Revelation 17?

    Revelation 17
    9. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

    There are 7 major mountain ranges in the United States of America:

    1 – Rocky Mountains
    2 – Appalachian Mountains
    3 – Ozark Mountains
    4 – Cascade Mountains
    5 – Sierra Nevada Mountains
    6 – Alaska Range
    7 – Brooks Range (White Mountains – Alaska)

    10. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

    All 7 WTC Buildings were destroyed as a result of the 9/11 terror attacks.
    Five WTC Buildings are under construction at this time.
    One has been completed. (WTC – 7 in 2006)

    There is no clearly defined 6 World Trade Center in the new World Trade Center master plan however it is most likely that one will be eventually included and constructed parallel to the others in the plaza. Five are fallen…one is (WTC 7)…and one is surely to come and must continue a short space. (WTC – 6?)

    These kings are also referred to as “mountains”. The towers being representative of financial power through world trade, in large part, control the free market economy of the entire world, even affecting countries that are not free. In this respect they are “kingly” as well as being “mountainous” forms of steel and concrete.
    Might this possibly mean that time is limited for the new WTC buildings along with the entire city of New York? And why did John the Revelator use the word “space” rather than the word “time” if the intention was to imply a period of time? ‘Dis is what I ‘tink…he meant just what he said…space would indicate area, not time. Building 6 may break ground and even get partially built, “continuing a short space”, before something happens…but what? Whatever it is, I don’t think it will be good.

    WTC 1 – Opening Dec. 2012
    WTC 2 – Opening 2014
    WTC 3 – Opening 2014
    WTC 4 – Opening 2013
    WTC 5 – Opening 2013
    WTC 7 – Completed 2006


    “U.S. of America” = 666
    “New York” = 666
    “New Whore” = 666
    “A New Babylon” = 666

    where A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, D = 24…..Z = 156

  7. Arabia is the daughter of Babylon, we now need to ask the question Who is Allah? Is he the same God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob? Allah has 99 names in the Koran one is the destroyer, another is the one who does damage. Allah cannot be the same God of the Bible; he is not the destroyer in the Bible. The worship of Allah was there even before Muhammad was born. Muhammad’s name was ‘Muhammad son of Abdullah the servant of Allah, so how could Muhammad have introduced Allah if his father’s name is ‘the slave of Allah’? It’s a Babylonian religion.
    The last king of Babylon was Nabonidus who reigned from 556 to 539, when Babylon was conquered by Cyrus. He established the worship of ‘Marduk’ which was rejected by the Arabs he then introduced the worship of ‘the moon god’, which flourished in Arabia. That’s why Arabia is called the daughter of Babylon. The symbol of the crescent moon is on all the flags of the Muslim nations. Gog (Gyges) was a historical figure from Lydia in Turkey and he worshipped the god ‘meme’ which is the ‘moon god’. It was in Babylon (which means confusion) that God changed the one language and Islam wants to unite the world under one language, one religion, one culture and one entity, this is not from the Bible. In Hebrew “ Son of the morning” is helel ben shachar. It could be translated “Shining one, son of the dawn.” It is not a proper name, but an epithet for the king of Babylon. In Arabic it also means ‘crescent moon’. So there is a Babylonian connection with Islam.
    The God of the Bible loves the Jews, whereas the god of the Koran hates the Jews. The Koran says that ‘Allah’ is not a father and he does not have a son. The Bible says that ‘Allah’ is a father and he does have a son. The Koran says that of you believe in the Trinity then you go to hell. Whereas in the Bible you have a Tri-un God. Allah was the chief idol in the Kabba (there were around 300 idols). Muhammad smashed them but kept the same name of ‘Allah’, it’s the same god. The Hajj the sacred pilgrimage was in operation centuries before Muhammad was born.
    The treaty of Hudaibiya was made in 628, these new Muslims now with Muhammad who now lives in Medina come to Mecca and they want to join the Hajj. In 629 Muhammad and his followers join the pagans go 7 times around the Kabba, kiss the dark stone and include all the pagan ceremonies that were established before Muhammad was born. The Muslims still do these today. The only thing that has changed is that Allah instead of being the chief god in the Kabba he is the only god and if you don’t admit that they kill you.
    Ramadan is the same thing; it is the same pagan ceremony. We are told that the Koran was first inspired in the month of Ramadan, which already existed. The night of vision that the Koran is supposed to have come down, is the day when the crescent moon shows up and better than 1000 months, it’s the day when the angelic host is cast out of heaven by the order of their lord, this speaks of the demonic force. The ‘demonic force’ of the Bible is the ‘good host ‘of the Koran. The Antichrist of the Bible is the Mahdi of Islam. 2 Jn 2:22, who is the liar he who denies that Jesus is the Christ, that God came in the flesh. The antichrist is he who denies the Father and the Son therefore Allah is the religion of antichrist. Who is asking to change all the laws of the Middle East? Who is establishing Shariah law? Who is honouring a god hungry for war?

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