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Abraham: Founder of Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup F?

Genesis 17:5 | Abraham, the "Father of Nations", the "Father of Multitudes"

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The patriarch Abraham is the most probable founder of the Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup F. However, connecting this super-haplogroup to Abraham would of course receive much criticism from the Educational Establishment and Population Geneticists in general, but history, prophecy, linguistics, and exponential population growth may support the hypothesis.

y-Haplogroup F and descending haplogroups:

Haplogroup F map

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Compare above map with: Haplogroup Map of the World.

The founder of y-Haplogroup F has been estimated to be the father of about 90 percent of the current world population of men. Suggesting Abraham to be the father of such a large percentage is most certainly alarming to some, but it should not be considering how close Abraham was generationally to Noah and Shem, not to mention the prophetic promises made to Abraham specifically.

The main obstacle to connecting Abraham to Haplogroup F is the official timeframe estimation of the group Founder living some 45,000 years ago... yet Abraham lived approximately 4,000 years ago. Of course that is a massive problem, but how reliable are the genetic mutation rates and the dating tools used to conclude on such estimations? See the article: Are radiometric dating methods reliable?

So what evidence connects Abraham to Haplogroup F? The connection is deduced largely by recognizing the reported frequencies of haplogroups within Jewish and Arab populations, within peoples likely descended from Abraham's sons sent to the East, and within peoples of the much debated lost ten tribes of Israel.

It should not be difficult in the least to imagine Abraham as the Founder of Haplogroup F and 90% of the world population... and in fact, it is not difficult even for some Darwinists:

"The forces of genetic mixing are so powerful that everyone in the world has Jewish ancestors, though the amount of DNA from those ancestors in a given individual may be small. In fact, everyone on earth is by now a descendant of Abraham, Moses, and Aaron - if indeed they existed." - Steve Olson, Mapping Human History pg 114.

"Almost all of the people living today are distant cousins to a common ancestor who lived some three thousand or so years ago, geneticists estimate." - Jon Entine, Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People pg 61.