Abraham commanded by God to murder his son Isaac

If a Master or a Slave-owner required a child to prove his or her loyalty by killing a favorite puppy, the Master would be considered something lower than an unloving maniacal tyrant. But if the Master of the Universe requires a servant to prove loyalty by killing his son, that Master is yet considered honorable, loving, and worthy of everyone’s devotion.

So that we may come to agreement on some important points, here is what seems obvious from the Genesis text:

  • Isaac was much beloved of Abraham. He was a ‘divinely’ promised son born when Abraham and Sarah were quite advanced in age.
  • YHVH commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. He did not politely make a request of Abraham.
  • The sacrifice was not Abraham’s idea and was apparently troubled by the prospect.
  • Abraham decided to obey, prepared to obey, and nearly fulfilled the command.
  • Abraham was divinely stopped from carrying out the command.
  • Abraham was given a great reward for being willing to obey the command.
  • Abraham was not reprimanded or judged for being wiling to obey the command.
  • To our knowledge,¬†Abraham was not considered insane by others for hearing voices.

My claim is that many of us or most of us (as believers), perceive ourselves as loving children and loving servants to a loving and worthy Father/King, but we fantasize in err in regards to the latter. He isn’t loving nor is he worthy.

Is this claim unfounded and/or inaccurate? Can you provide thoughts and/or evidence which would prove it inaccurate?


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  1. Greetings,

    Good question.

    And Adam says that the reason he ate the fruit is because of, “The woman YOU gave to me … ” Gen. 3:12. Something bad happens and we prove that we are Adam’s kids by directly and/ or indirectly blaming God. This has become a test for all Adam’s descendants. Bad things happen to God-honoring people with no initial explanation (100% of God’s people experience this). Do we blame God?

    Again, ALL go through this. I have to go to work and hope to add more later.

    The absolute best expositor I have found is Lord Jonathan Sacks. He can be found numerous places online. I go to Aish.com, Torah Portion, and under Covenant and Conversation.

    Please Survive.

    Be well and be Blessed.

    Terry McCann
    (Not Jewish, but probably among people descended from Israel)

    1. No, all don’t go through it. Most don’t even enter it. And many never come out of it. My 20 years as an advocate for YHVH, I never heard any of the type of questions I struggle with now.

      I’ll look up Sacks. Would love to hear his apologies.

  2. Greetings,

    The author of the article at the website below has an unusual view on the The Binding of Isaac. The author’s personality seems to be black and white but he is unusually capable of seeing some subtle nuances.

    This goes to the heart of your question as posted. Why would God command this of Abraham? Hint: Sarah was being tested as much as Abraham (in a much more subtle sense).



    Terry McCann

    P.S. Once again, please survive. Be well and be blessed.

  3. Greetings,

    You said:

    “j@jewsandjoes.com says: “My 20 years as an advocate for YHVH, I never heard any of the type of questions I struggle with now.”

    Jacob died roughly 2,224 from Adam. Our current year is 5,776 from Adam by jewish (possibly rabbinic) calendar. That make us roughly 3500 hundred years from Jacob (5776 – 2224 = 3552). The generations before the flood lived roughly 1,000 years; so we are approx. three and one-half generations from Jacob. That is by using the pre-flood generation length. We are told that the human life span will one day return to a life of great length.

    Isaiah 65:20:

    “No longer will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, Or an old man who does not live out his days; For the youth will die at the age of one hundred And the one who does not reach the age of one hundred Will be thought accursed.”

    Imagine people bewailing a son, “he didn’t even reach 500!”

    We are in a churning period. Yehovah (Nehemiah Gordon’s pronunciation) has taken us to this very short life period compared with the pre-flood lifespan Among various reasons is to permit very rapid growth in contrast to what took place before the flood.

    So we encounter hard questions and impossible situations to accomplish this growth. This is not said to diminish any pain you have had or are currently undergoing. We are in the trenches. Every so often, though, we need to lift up our heads to see beyond our current circumstances . We see a tiny bit of the time when all is clear and resolved. At least of this current time of our brief life and our current struggles and questions.

    Our lives have been crafted by the loving Elohim. He is permitting us, actually requiring us, to go through impossible situations. I have heard people say that, “He will not allow us to go through any circumstance which is beyond our strength.” I believe this a totally and incredibly wrong statement. God’s chosen in scripture and even (especially) God’s Messiah, King David, go through the spin cycle of troubles, tests, and being torn apart emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. They are really being taken beyond themselves. And we are also signing up for this growth and process. And also we have His encouragement.

    Thus, we occasionally, with Yehovah’s help, lift our head up and catch a glimpse of what is reality. This is that which is beyond truths we know in our feeble length of years. And we get some brief glimpse of God and his answers, peace, and His joy. Even more so we come to appreciate (and love) the Unique One. But we then must submerge again and reenter the battle where all those assurances and perceptions seem to be a distant memory.

    So we are in a growth period and God is pressing the accelerator; time is short. God’s answers are more of the, “not by My might or My power but by my spirit”, variety.

    I have not endeavored to answer any question you have asked. But instead have hoped to give a little encouragement in the form of framing our life, and its problems and challenges, as but a brief, and very intense, time. This is not said in any way to diminish your pain.

    I hope this encourages you by reminding you that hard questions are part of the growth package. And we are on a compressed schedule to get the maximum amount of growth. This growth not exclusively for ourselves.

    Be well and be blessed,

    Terry McCann

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